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  1. Make sure you have the proper back-up files for your unit. Just search in the forums and find the ones you need. The SDMLC re-flash process is what fixed my head unit, so I'm guessing the rest of you are just missing the proper files that are supposed to go in the 'My Flash Drive' once you're in Testmode.
  2. Bricked F90BT - HELP!!!

    Fixed thanks to this thread by Tail24: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=25465&start=0 Unbelievable!! Thanks again man.
  3. This just revived my F90BT. Absolutely fantastic write up man! Thank YOU!!!
  4. As title states, Looking for VIRGIN WinCE 2.0 files (img, cks). I've looked throughout this site for a good link, but so far everyone just has either 2.06 or 3.0, none of which I need right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Bricked F90BT - HELP!!!

    i reinstalled win ce (format), transfered the files over from a completely different card using test mode.. still doesnt do fawk all when booting on its own (no testmode). black screen. hooray!!!
  6. Bricked F90BT - HELP!!!

    I re-copied all the files from the x910 folder (apl, apl2, etc...) on to a completely ereased flash disk on the F90BT unit. The unit still doesnt boot after a reboot (holding eject for 10 seconds or not). This is driving me insane! Im going to try and re-install everything, WINCE image and all 1 more time. I have doubts itll even do anything though. FAWK!!!
  7. Bricked F90BT - HELP!!!

    alright, i'll do that as soon as I can. Will post back with results this evening.
  8. Bricked F90BT - HELP!!!

    should i do another wince format first? or just delete the files on the unit's flash-drive and copy all the x910 files back on it?
  9. Bricked F90BT - HELP!!!

    Alright, so I did everything as instructed in the WinCE 3.0 update thread to a tee. I got the new WinCE img in using service mode, was able to get into test mode 2.3 and transfered the files over (x910 backup) and the 'data' files just fine. I reboot the system, took the SD card out, pressed reset and eject (as instructed) and hoped to see a nice Pioneer splash screen come up. Yeah, instead I get a black screen and nothing else. The unit stays on though and doesn't shut itself off after 15-ish seconds. The only thing I did that I -think- I may have done wrong is transfered the contents of the 'data' folder directly into the igo folder, meaning there isn't a 'data' folder in the 'igo' directory, just the files. Was that my mistake? If so, how do I go about undoing it? If not, what else could be the problem??
  10. Bricked F90BT - HELP!!!

    Thanks fellas. I'll give this a shot this evening once I get home from work. Will keep you posted!
  11. Bricked F90BT - HELP!!!

    Alright, I was finally able to stay in a stable Service Mode screen. I updated the winCE img using the one from the 2.06 firmware update. I rebooted the system with an SD chip inside with the Testmode folders. It comes up with an error message regarding mapDBxxxx. roughly 3 seconds after the error message, the unit cuts again like the previous fashion. What now...
  12. Bricked F90BT - HELP!!!

    Well, so much for that. I'm able to get into service mode, but the unit shuts off after roughly 13-15 seconds. No matter what I do, the unit simply turns itself off (yet the cooling fan is still on? wtf) after a short amount of time.. No where near enough time to do anything. FAWWKK!!!!!!
  13. Bricked F90BT - HELP!!!

    I'll give service mode a try. I'm pretty sure I can do a WinCE update and get back into testmode. If I can do that, I can load up the OEM files and fix the system properly. I'll post up the results as soon as I can. ...Fingers crossed...
  14. Bricked F90BT - HELP!!!

    Nope, testmode initializes fine, then just as it's about to finish the unit turns off. And I mean completely off.. the backlit buttons, screen.. everything goes black. But I can still hear the unit's fan spinning, meaning there is power going to it. I want to contact Pioneer and ask them what to do, but as it's a civic holiday here in Canada, they're closed.
  15. Bricked F90BT - HELP!!!

    13+ views and no reply? c'mon guys...