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  1. X920BT and Apple iPod compatibility

    I'm pretty sure mine's a 4th gen. See the thread I just started here.
  2. Since the last time I upgraded the iOS on my older iPod Touch, the playback controls will lock up unpredictably on my X940BT... and when it happens, the only ways to stop playback or get it to be able to skip between tracks is to either change the source on the head unit, or unplug the iPod. After that, it usually happens again within one or two songs anyway, so I just have to listen to the radio for a while. Awesome. As it's happening, the areas where title, artist, and album art appear are completely blank. The playback bar is blank, also, IIRC. Anyone else having this issue?
  3. X940BT ACTUAL splash screen aspect ratio (pixel dimensions)

    Unless AVIC Feeds has been updated significantly in the past 6 months, I have no interest in using it. The functionality was poor when I last tried it, and the application would crash regularly (I was using an iPhone 3, though...)
  4. X940BT selecting AUX IN input?

    Agreed... or maybe a slide show from the SD card. PIONEER?!? YOU GUYS LISTENING UP THERE?!?
  5. X940BT selecting AUX IN input?

    Just confirmed on my unit as well--selecting "VIDEO" under AV2 allows me to use that input. It's a little counter-intuitive, though, seeing as I have no video going in.
  6. X940BT selecting AUX IN input?

    I was hoping to come back to this thread & correct it before I received any responses... the two available selections are EXT and VIDEO. Setting to EXT clearly does nothing. I'll set to VIDEO & see if "AV2" pops up on the source selection bar on the left. Thanks, guys.
  7. X940BT selecting AUX IN input?

    OK, yes, "AV" not "AUX"... on my AV System Settings screen (manual page 177), AV1 input is set to iPod, and AV2 input is set to EXT1. Is "EXT1" the pair of RCA inputs on the rear of the unit? No matter what selection I make, I can't get EXT1, EXT2, AV1, or AV2 to appear in the left-hand side of the source selection (main audio) screen. The iPod works fine.
  8. X940BT selecting AUX IN input?

    I have an AUX IN connected to the RCA cables back of my X940BT. I haven't the slightest idea how to select the input through the interface. I've been through the manual, and I've searched here but I still don't know how to access it. Help?
  9. Metra Axxess ASWC with x940bt, any problems?

    I have an Axxess ASWC with my X940BT and it works really well. Programming was dead simple.
  10. X940BT ACTUAL splash screen aspect ratio (pixel dimensions)

    ...just to close this out... my 1280 x 772 images seem to be perfect. That's a ratio of... uhh... 320:193. Sweet. The ratio is around 1:1.66, anyway. I've posted some samples (tags: Subaru, STi, rally) here (click for larger size):
  11. X940BT ACTUAL splash screen aspect ratio (pixel dimensions)

    ...just as I thought, 16:9 isn't quite right. My 16:9 images are letterboxed (black bars top & bottom).
  12. X940BT ACTUAL splash screen aspect ratio (pixel dimensions)

    I think it's 16:9. I have an image that I've modified that seems to fill the screen at 1280x780. That ratio works out to 16:9.75. I'll give 16:9 a try & report back.
  13. X940BT ACTUAL splash screen aspect ratio (pixel dimensions)

    I've found it's closer to 8:5, but I'd like to know what it actually is... Hmm.
  14. I had an AVIC-X920BT, and I remember that the pixels aren't exactly "square," in that when designing a splash screen, I couldn't use the aspect ratio in the manual. Well, it appears that the X940BT is similar. The screen dimensions from the manual are 2592 x 1944, which is a ratio of 4:3. I cut a bunch of images to that ratio, and there are black bars on the left & right sides of the screen... So what is the real ratio? What should I use for custom splash screen sizes?