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  1. Pioneer and Android

    you can.make your apps and everything on an android show up on screen and work, just no on screen control. simple convertor box from digital to.analog and the proper connectios...and an invertor. but why? why not root the android phone a super simple.program called superoneclick(super one click) and follow directions from 100's of youtube videos to acquire free tethering! and ourchase an ipod touch off if ebay, i got an 8 gig with a cracked screen for 40 bucks, and pioneers cable for an ipod that supports video. Also like 40 or less dollars. tether off of phone, run ipod touch on wifi, profit...whats so hard about that? keep your droid, get free tethering which is a 30 dollar package from at&t..., and never have to reach for your phone or disconnect or anything.
  2. GPS Apps

    hows navigon and the response to the screen? like dies tge map change on the phone and then a second later on the dash, or r the reletavely instantaneous?
  3. Hello...I caught a refference of this site from nasioc.com in tye audio/video section. I just purchased an avh-4300 and thought this could be useful. So far I am very pleased. I have a seven year background in stereo installs and window tinting so im fairly up on my game. I have fiberglass experiences, electrical, circuitry for led's and so forth and I hope I can be an asset to this place. So hello. My question. I dindt see a section specific for the avh's. did i miss it? is it under a larger section name? thanks!
  4. having your android phone displayed on your unit

    thats not true. your phone has to have a video out. Infuse came with a little plug that has an hdmi output to view on a tv. The problem is that your phone produces a digital(high deff) signal, and the reciever, my avh-4300 only accepts an analog signal. Basically, they do sell a convertor on amazon, but you would have to have the piece from the phone to an hdmi cable out and then a converter that accepts hdmi in and converts it to analog signal or a yellow video cable and a red and white auio out, which then connects to the head unit, at least thats how its capable on my avh 4300. A couple issues. 1. No on screen phone control...it comes in under the a/v input. 2. the piece that plugs into my phone seems very fragile and i dont trust it to stay pluged in, with it being micro usb. 3. you need an inverter to have a plug for the signal convertor to plug into, like a home plug because they r mostly used in home a/v setups. 4. its a lot of stuff to run and hide and such. why not buy a broken ipod touch off of craigslist. And by broken i mean a slightly cracked screen. a newer gen if possible. 1oo bucks or less, and the ipod chord from pioneer so it has good signal speed and such. and then simply root your android to tether(or creat a wifi hotspot) for free. and you have everything your android does but on screen...as well as appradio etc. to tether an android youtube rooting with super one click. Hope that helps!