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  1. F50 F950 and F850 2014 update available

    There are a few updates and the maps are far more recent compared to the 2013 maps. Unfortunately I couldn't get the data off the SD card, the laptop doesn't recognise it nor my phone or desktop. I can only assume either it uses a bespoke FS or it was wiped after install to stop people sharing them.
  2. Well I'm having trouble accessing the update card. Stick it in the computer and it's saying no disk inserted. Think I need to try a linux based machine......
  3. Just got this through the post today and updating as I type this. No idea what it'll offer yet but reading the blurb it's mainly iPhone updates and obviously the maps. Yet to look to see if the maps are compatible with earlier models but will see what happens....
  4. I've been keeping an eye for 2014 updates. Not confident they will be released. The 2014 maps are out for the F50BT, F950DAB etc but not the models here. I've just purchased the F50BT updates so will be interesting to see if the maps can be transferred over to a hacked F930BT update file or not....

    Everything you need is here: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/37407-2013-eu-update-f30-f930-f9310-f40-f940-f840-f8430/
  6. They usually release them end of June to end of July or so. Unfortunately Pioneer have a habit of not supporting after 2 years hence the need to hack the upgrades. Hopefully though the F940 will be supported for this year. After that the 950s etc all use a different architecture so aren't compatible.

    Also try downloading again in case some of the files are corrupt. Is the SD card good?
  8. Agreed. The F950DAB is worse. The amount of videos that the 930 read that the 950 doesn't is quite shocking. Biggest problem I think is the deal they've done with DivX probably means they're not allowed to support more than they do.
  9. What was wrong with USB? I never seemed to have any issues to be honest.
  10. As a heads up for this update, use this post for the offset: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/35523-remove-caution-nag-screen-bypass-hack/page-7&do=findComment&comment=269273 And follow the instructions for the very 1st post for instructions.
  11. If you apply the update then using testmode to get the files back off then it's easy enough. Worked on my F930. No need to reapply the update as it's already been installed. Just follow the instructions for the mods in their relevant threads but bear in mind all the offsets are different so read the instructions carefully. The file structures are the same so should be simple enough.
  12. Latest BT firmware for AVIC F40?

    Here's the latest update for the entire unit including BT: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/37407-2013-eu-update-f30-f930-f9310-f40-f940-f840-f8430/
  13. Navteq Europe 2013 update Avic-F40BT

    Here's the complete update: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/37407-2013-eu-update-f30-f930-f9310-f40-f940-f840-f8430/
  14. Yes it can, Pionaras file is used with all updates 30 and 40 series models. Ignore the cardinfo file, not for you.

    Pionara, Just want to say thank you for the cracked files. Did try PMing you but wouldn't go through.