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  1. working 2011 maps & full poi db on u310bt and friends

    And is that possible to use the 2011 version directly? There isn't enough space for another 2011 copy. So cannot test. The copy/write speed is really slow.
  2. working 2011 maps & full poi db on u310bt and friends

    Sorry, I should have talked more details. First, I replaced the files you mentioned about 00 folder in 2011; Then, replaced all IDX folders from 0A to 49 in 2011. I thought it will work as well as original 2010. But when I input the street name, the system always gives me a wrong name. Does yours work properly when you input a street name? I have an 8GB SD card, so I make a backup of both 2010 and 2011. Right now I am using the 2010 only.
  3. working 2011 maps & full poi db on u310bt and friends

    I tested both the 2010 POIs and the 2010/2011 combination methods. 2010's mod works fine, but the combination does not make the Address function work properly. All I followed is procedure #20 introduced. When I tried to get a exact address, the street always gave me a wrong name. Have a question, can it apply to use the 2011 directly just like 2010 POIs?
  4. Why my U310BT's version shows 2.0001 after test mode?

    I think I figure it out.
  5. Can anybody help me with this? I followed the instruction of pionara which is really helpful. But I came across some problems when I tried to update the 2010 USA POI in the final step. When the U310BT rebooted, there was no POI installation and there was also no application in the folder(Also after the first time reboot). I will be waiting online.....Thanks!!
  6. enabling activesync

    Thanks pionara You really help me a lot. I just ordered a new 8GB SD card and hope I can succeed. Happy new year!!!