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  1. [X930BT] - Password Recovery (obsolete)

    Bingo! this worked out great! Thanks, again for the help. Savering
  2. x930bt password

    I have a x930bt that I installed when the unit first came out. I have never done any updates or anything of that nature. I had my car worked on for the past few days and the battery got disconnected and I have no idea what my password was! (UGH!!!) after looking up what to do, Im getting some conflicting info. Looks like files and hacks have changes over the years??? Either way, I was seeing if someone cold help with providing the most up to date files or some instructions. Please keep in mind Im attempting to do this on a Mac. No tunes in the car is killing me! Thanks for the help, Savering
  3. [X930BT] - Password Recovery (obsolete)

    Im doing this on a Mac, is this still going to work? Also, after I put in the password "Avic411" it also wants a password for "Hackmode.Key" Any advice? Savering
  4. powered antenna x930bt

    I'm having some issues hooking up my powered/amplified antenna on my 03' 350z. I have the blue amplified cord coming from the car but cant seem to figure out where to connect it to on the harness that goes to the HU... the person who installed it took off all the tags on the wires. The wire color info would be a life saver! Thanks!