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  1. Posted in the wrong thread earlier. My unit is still bricked. I'm willing to jtag or try things to recover this unit to working condition again. Took it apart and took pictures. jtag ideas pionara? Hopefully pictures can help determine what we need to jtag this thing...
  2. working 2011 maps & full poi db on u310bt and friends

    Bumping this thread. Bricked my unit years ago. Willing to try jtag or any other ideas. Anyone have ideas? pionara, Hey, how are you? I still have my u310bt unit. It's still bricked. I decided to drop by the forum today for fun. And to see if anything has come of this. I am wanting to play around and experiment with the unit if you're interested. I'd be willing to jtag, etc. Let me know if interested in unbricking the device. Thanks!
  3. Does any of this help? http://www.gpspassion.com/forumsen/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=127723&whichpage=80
  4. I'll research more on jtag and see if i can come up with anything. The ARM processor is a popular processes used on many devices... I think we can figure something out with this.
  5. Any update pionara for my/our situation? Check your pm btw.
  6. Nand flash would flash to the stored memory of the device directly. Almost like a recovery menu. It may be similar to the unoot thag you are talking about although i have no experience with the uboot method... I would be willing to explore jtag at this point. You certainly know much more than me when it comes to this so if you could give a starting point or some direction, that would be great. I want to try to bring this thing back from the dead. Question: Why wont mine boot into test mode? It seems to be stuck in this mode that checks for the update files...
  7. I believe a nand flash method would work. It is stored on the nand partition right?
  8. There has to be a way to force the files to the My Flash directory on the unit
  9. cnsd 130fm firmware update

    epa, I have the backup folders you are looking for. I need to know how to replace the folder on the gps "My Flash" with the backed up ones. I erased my whole "My Flash" folder on my u310bt.
  10. I think I've figured out what my problem is. Because I can't access WinCE/testmode I need to know how to push it back to the "My Flash" folder from my backup...
  11. FYI, these are pictures of the same screens I have: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/33156-f320bt-firmware-failure/
  12. Okay. I may have bricked mine. It seems to be able to read this sdcard but it goes from the "Updating image" screen to a blue screen with "Open OS CKS File Failure. Please Cold boot and Retry" in red and in the center of the screen... No matter which bin and cks (either the new or my own backup) doesn't change the results. Is there anyway to replace the "My Flash" folder with the backup I have?
  13. Pionara, can you please tell me what files i need to put on the new sdcard? Do i put the folder named "update" or do i put the whole "QI...." folder on the root of the sdcard? Also, i know i should put the cki and bin file on the root too. I will also try formatting the card with windows this time to see if that makes any difference. Please let me know! Thanks!
  14. It wouldnt show a progress bar. After sitting for 30 minutes i decided it wasnt working. Then i pulled the sdcard and reset it. It went into iboot recivery mode and recovered the old/existing software on the unit and booted into it. I didnt upgrade. Then i tried other options which led me to deleting my My Flash folder... Whats weird is this is the sdcard i used to update the firmware previously. I will still try another card cux you never know...