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  1. So After a road block being a total Novice DVD Player installer , Ha yea right! Just not being able to afford Best Buy or Car Toys! I have been having an on/off Memory Problem with my 910bt, basically I was told on her yellow wire 12v constant, and red wire switched 12v constant! and yes I tried that over and over again it didn't work! then on another forum, somebody said in some cars with pioneer decks you just need to switch those two around! Again it didn't work either way I connected it the deck would not turn on unless I put them both together on the same wire switched or constant! so after getting a wiring diagram and an administrator telling me to check the manual 100 times and telling me the same SOLUTION over and over again! I'm Assuming they all just thought I was retarded and I was frustrating them! well OK... I was frustrated as well and I just needed help and lots of it cuz i'm not Advanced with this stuff at all! hopeless and nowhere to go besides trying to bug Car toys and Best Buy, Ha NO Luck! I asked a buddy and checked out my Lexus forum and posted the problem, and It made perfect sense. Yes, I had just recently found out I have a factory AMP in my 2002 Lexus is 300. although a single din in dash flip out was in my is before this double din Best buy installed it and did it properly thru the stock AMP, it was an older Model and also had a brain posted right behind the glove box and this is where my stock AMP is! So when we took out the brain and replaced in dash with the double din we just used the old stock radio harness which is obviously a completly different monster! & we used the diagram to find out the constant/switched 12v power and proceeded from there! Everything connected but it didn't save my EQ Settings or where I left off in a song or a movie! so obviously the unit was turning off when its technically not supposed to. I found this out by the administrators here! SO I was told to re connect everything thru the stock amp, and it should be the real 12v constant and 12v switched power there behind the glove box and everything should work properly! But I don't know if I should just get 2 long enough wires? To go from behind my dash, to the whole right side of my car behind the glove box? Or if I should somehow figure out how to Tap into the the stock wires and basically tweak my stereo system which I am deathly afraid of to tel the truth! I know I AM Defiantly Hated on this site. Cuz IDK maybe cuz i'm different??? But luckily i have been singled out MY Whole Childhood & life!!! So I'm fine with it, as long as "One" person who Kinda knows what they are doing can drop in & give me a vowel! It's Jeopardy time Guy's! But Vanna White ain't singing, or looking sexy yet! Lol, Thanks Boy's, Hopefully i'll be able to get some advice, Before I'm Blacklisted off the site!
  2. i really wish we wern't over a computer man!
  3. that's funny bro! i knew absolutely nothing about red blue whatever color wires! and I was hoping a member like me could assist me with this problem every other forum i've been on like my is 300 forum where again I knew absolutely nothing but I've already installed a window motor lining on the other window and Fog light hyper white conversion! On this site with the little bit of instruction I got from Jason I looked up the stock wiring harness to find out what he meant by constant and switched power! I found it and then hooked up the bypass and installed the navigation and speaker wires on my own before I even joined this site! I joined this site for instruction on the bypass and slowly started finding problems with the already broken head unit I got for cheap! so the funny thing is I haven't destroyed anything and I've taught myself almost everything i've learned in the 27 years of my life buddy! And that's not Bad mouthing it's the truth a forum is created for members to figure things out amongst each other and help and assist problems and procedures and like a puzzle with all the pieces you can turn nothing into something! Most of us have jobs and although we would love to be professional installers I think I would rather stick to my own profession and play with this as a hobby or really I just want a DVD Player in my car to watch movies and do all the things any other DVD player will do and I refuse to spend 300$ for some other cutting corners installers at car toys to do cuz nothing good has come from them unless your dropping thousands on custom instillation work! so when I asked Jason H. nicely what I could be doing wrong and he said look at the manual obviously I had already done that before I asked! so I said I did I don't get it and don't have the time to spend *8 hours after work and get no sleep again guess and checking till I figure it out! he again answered with the same response! It's getting annoying even listing it, but this went on for another 2 times 6 times total each time it was saying hey i'm stuck if your not gonna help don't answer and let somebody else try! But he did it to just be a Dick, so I told him straight up what he was! He has to know it after sarcastically assuming i'm stupid like you did and I couldn't handle it while repeating himself over again! And why would I be worried about posting Negative comebacks to you guys when ya'll are the one's negative to me in the first place! And you guys don't help NOBODY JOINS A AVIC411 FORUM TO HEAR LOOK AT THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL!!! SERIOUSLY BRO??? LIKE THAT ISN'T THE FIRST THING EVEN A CHILD WOULD REFER TO WITH INFO! And what does 411 mean???? yeah exactly! so maybe you should name the site something else! like AVIC-CHECKinstructionMANUAL and then like you said! Don't even try man cuz your not intelligent enough to do anything without messing it up more! HA HA you must really think you are king of the GeekSqaud! oh Wait is that who pays your minimum wage Mississippi state salary! Yeah Right those guys at least know what there doing and can explain it and help customers, they know how to do there Job! Go ahead Erase it, But maybe the site and members deserve to know how shitty you guys treat Members! Because they are stuck and were trying to ask questions and figure something out! when every other forum is designed for just that! But sounds like you guys would rather sit in the jerk circle!
  4. Unfortunately I have a broken female USB part on my head unit! WHEN I say female piece USB I just mean the cord that is hard wired to the back of the x910bt that is supposed to accept the USB device you are plugging into the head unit! With this piece broken of course nothing can be plugged into it and obviously it almost looks like there is no way to fix it unless u get a new head unit!! but i was wondering if you could get a USB extension and maybe splice or solider these wires together to fix it! the administrator Jason H who I politely asked to help with this and many other issues cuz i'm an extreme novice! Has some kind of grudge against me cuz I am an extreme begginer to wiring and Car audio all together especially DVD Units! so he simply told me unless I was expiernced with soldering small wires that he would touch the the broken USB cord! Just like my yellow and red power option problem I had cuz my head unit saves all the navigation settings but wont save where i left of on a song, movie or my custom EQs! he told me yellow constant power and red switched power! but that wouldn't even turn on my deck! after I asked for help on that he proceeded to tell me a million times to look in the manual and it will tell me how to hook up head unit! ha ha thanks for the help Jason H! Due to that I have been on the site for a couple months because nobody else would ever comment or give feedback on my questions besides him! and obviously the website lets thier administrator talk trash and belittle and downplay peoples intelligence when I obviously state that I am bad at all this! lol he gives a quote "give a man a fish, he eats for a night, Teach a man how to fish, he eats for a lifetime!" Right Bro..... So If anybody else or any other administrator if their is any??? Could help me with this minor problem cuz i cant afford to throw this Pioneer deck out the window and Go buy a more user friendly one right now! I would greatly appreciate it Thank You!
  5. Avic X930bt Video input camera

    yeah you can just install the power cord to 12v switched (accessory) Power! That's what I did with my AVIC x910bt! I guess I could of hooked it up to both that and the reverse lights, there for the camera would also come on automatically when the Car was put into reverse! but I went and bought an extra about 16 foot 12 gauge wire to run from the back of my Lexus to back of the AVIC like the Video RCA outputs have to go there anyways! So like you said I hit Reverse camera in the source screen and can l view the reverse camera if it is switched on in the av settings selection I believe, either to Battery or to Ground. Which I still do not know the difference between the two? But any time whether I am parked or on the freeway, while listening to my CD/DVD,or iPod/av source!
  6. well, although I have always paid shops and installers too hook up my car audio/video up in tell a couple weeks ago. I had to teach myself how to do everything! and yeah i'm grateful of the learning experience. but as much as I would like to spend the time on this learning it all, I gotta pay the bills and besides the job have a busy life! and that's the reason why we join these forums! and i see you helping everybody else with websites url and everything! so obviously for some reason you don't help me and its pretty insulting with that little quote you left me, almost your like making fun of me! which inst cool cuz that's why I join any forum is to get help from others who KNOW WHAT THERE DOING! cuz i know i don't and usually have to pay for it, I almost thought this forum was gonna eliminate that problem!
  7. why are you like that man ?/? its obviously not helping ! anyway s i hooked yellow power to cconstant power and nothing happend while i hooked the red wire to 12v constant power! so obviously something is missing that is why i am asking these quesions those three left out wires uld be the solution? But obviously nobody is go
  8. you guys really don't like answering simple questions for me do you? i ant find it what\ does the blue with white strip wire do? what does the orange wire, and what does the purple wire do?
  9. ha thanks i didn't get it bro i wan purple = this red eauals that! ok buddy that was alot of help thanks a lot bro! neways what does the orange wire do and connect it to what and what does the purple wire on the avic do and connect it to what just answers those questions please thanks
  10. thanks i need that wiring diagram i just got my Lexus is300 wiring diagram and i finally got some of the answers i need nobody resp[ponds to e fast enough on here and the administrators take over 24 hours respond to me anyways would be helpful thanks and knowing which wires go to constant and switched constant 12 power would be as well! thanks guys!
  11. basically i just need help knowing where and why these wires are not connected on my avic but the player still works with everything except its memory problems in savings data and my left at spot on song, movies, & settings i.e. eq?
  12. Basically I have the Pioneer Avic-x9115bet which is virtually the same as the x910bt and the x930bt when it comes to the wire colors and wiring installation of the head unit! so I was told yellow wire to constant 12v power and red wire to ignition or switched 12v power? Do I have that correct cuz red is sopposed to be on acc/ignition power which im assuming thats what that means! or should I find another wire to hook up the red wire to. So I have a lexus is 300 2002 and in the radio harness blue with yellow is the 12v constant and brown is the switched 12v constant so of course i have the yellow wire to the blue wire and the red wire with the brown! I also have my 12 gauge power wire for my rear view backup camera to the brown wire as well so i can watch and turn on the camera whenever I would like! so for some reason my buddys who helped install this unit had both the red and yellow hooked up to a seperate wire going to the brown wire? cuz my wires on back of my deck wernt long enough! so I had to fix that, so when I relized where the blue and yellow wire was there was another pointless lil 1inch wire going from my brown radio wire to my blue and yellow wire? I thought that was odd so I removed i! and hooked everything up correctly like stated above. and then the screen would not turn on at all and obviously was not getting power which I did not understand. so I figured I played with it to much trying to teach myself and I should re hook it the way it was before I touched it or atlease put back that little yellow (spare wire) back. from the brown switched constant to the blue & yellow 12v constant and everything worked agian but I still have that memory problem where my eq and all my settings besides the ones on the navigation like home and history etc. are saved? so why is this still happining and is my deck disfunctional or what cuz ive asked around and people told em to do just that other installers who know what there talking about! Now there is a Purple wire on the avic deck and an orange wire on the avic deck that are going absoultly nowhere! this is another problem I did not get? could one of those wires have to do with the memory of the deck cuz my other buddy told me I either do not have the memory wire hooked up, or I have it hooked up incorrectly! please help on this one asap thanks guys!
  13. Custom Backround Request

    I don't really know what tp say but i prefer something that sticks out and is kind of flashy that is the pic of my car which is pearl white with black accents and interior and its a 2002 Lexus is 300 so do what you do best and surprise me and amaze me alright thanks!
  14. Hey i know this is a little off topic but unfortionatlly I did screw up my key lock of my '02 Lexus is300 while installing my rear view license plate camera! so everything was fine camera works and was installed well! It was defiantly a first time installing anything like that but buddy and I figured it out relatively easily! So when I go to open my trunk the next day with my key it all of a sudden gets stuck and wont turn to the right which would unlock and open my trunk! But of course it will not turn at all i try to pull the key out and it is still jammed and stuck in the key hole! so i jiggle it around a little bit and then notice it can turn to the left which will then Lock the trunk from the inside lever next to the driver seat an lock the trunk all together which I have never experienced before! So now I cant get my trunk open at all and it is stuck in the lock position I cant even use the key to bring the key hole back to the regular position! so we go in thru the back and pop the Emergency hatch from the inside with a CANE thru the middle arm rest part of my seat that folds down. So we take everything apart and try to figure out why the trunk pops with the emergency hatch but nothing else the regular way! and then i show my buddy that the key has locked it so it is not jammed it is locked and the solution would be to use the key to turn it into the regular Vertical position instead of horizontal, the way it is now! But of course when you put the key into it and even try to apply all of my force it will not budge at all or even jiggle a little bit! it is definitively locked, jammed, stuck whatever! So the Question I need to know is how internally or anyway do i possibly fix this key whole and make my trunk lock go back to normal the way it used to be before I ever installed this damn camera? I love the thing but with the trunk issue it all has been a headache and waste of countless hours trying to figure it out! So I need some help People and preferably solutions or Ideas and opinions on how I can fix and I guess even replace if it is cheap enough? What we don't understand is how running that wire the power wire that attaches to the camera next to the key hole could of possibly damaged or jammed anything in the lock? Cuz obviously before the installation everything with my trunk and trunk lock was completely fine! ANY thoughts or solutions or Opinions would be greatly appreciated thanks!
  15. SD Cards

    yes my sandisck 4g, & 8g work for audio files guys but I am having problems playing the video files as well is this cuz I need to convert the music videos or movies/t.v. shows to a differnt format like mp4 what you would have to do if you were playing video on your iPod???? sorry for the interuption was basically along the same guidelines and topic! your opinions and suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thank You!