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  1. pajd

    z140bh and droid

    how to play videos from my droid to avic z140bh. can anyone do it and how? HELP!!!!
  2. as for the raido if you change the settings under what appers to be 2 gears go to blending and change it to analog thta should a little. But you wont pick up HD stations.
  3. I would just like to send a big go fuck your self to the ass clown who stole my avic z140bh last night 9-13-12 so have fun b/c you cant get it to work jerk off. ps i hope u get ass raped thanks.
  4. pajd

    xm sirius

    hi i have a z140 and i wan to get sirus xm. what all do i need do i have to get a sirius raido also or is there something i can add on bc the z140 says its xm ready thanks in advance.
  5. pajd

    zune and avic

    so i saw a video on you tube with a guy that had his zune hooked up to is avic unit. i made the mistake of going with the zune insted of an ipod. dose anyone know how he hooked it up i did what he said on the video but it wont show anything on the screen. dose it matter that i have the zune hd?
  6. dose anyone know how to rip videos from youtube then put them on an sd card. i was able to get them off of youtube but when i dragged it to the sd card my 140bh skipped all of the videos
  7. Does anyone know if u need a special wiring harness or just one for a pioneer radio?
  8. pajd

    avic z140bh

    thanks i got one off hawin for 800 at aw electronics
  9. pajd

    avic z140bh

    can i use the same wiring harnes for the 140 as any other pioneer ?
  10. pajd

    avic z140bh

    are there any z140's in houston yet? if so what shop nd how much? thanks
  11. so they started to ship to stores?
  12. any word about when it comes out?
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