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  1. is there any support for caravassist yet. When i talked to pioneer awhile back I was informed it wasn’t being supported.
  2. I tried every setting imaginable. Tethering to my phone, using car wifi, just doesn’t work. I have latest version of ios. Interesting to learn the 1.30 firmware is only currently available for iPhones.
  3. I have never successfully updated with caravassist I always get an error. I updated to 1.13 with usb. There’s a new firmware 1.30 only offered on the app right now. I called pioneer at one point was informed that update through the app was unsupported at this time. However there has been an app update since that time and also a new firmware however same results for me, unable to transfer.
  4. Has anyone successfully updated to 1.30 firmware with caravassist?
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