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  1. When I get similar, it's usually a dodgy USB connection. Using a better quality USB cable works. Apple seems to be happier in this regard. I've a different headunit (still pioneer), but a similar extension cable. I think having a USB run over 1m and several connections means you need good quality.
  2. Hi, I've got a AVH-X8850BT headunit, and got a CR-SR110 wheel remote to use with it. Well, the remote works fine, but as the IR sensor is on the left of the unit, and the steering wheel in on the right, it doesn't work when attached to the wheel. Is there a way of adding a new IR reciever into the dash near the wheel that could pick up the remote? I know there is the steering wheel interface connection, but have not found anything for IR. Will something like this work? : https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_5258_PAC-IR-X.html
  3. Error Updating F900BT

    Just like to say a big thanks to Alien69 (and the others that have contributed on the other thread for this). Had an old F900BT head unit. Followed the details above, and in the other thread. Copied in some new Maps to the APL2\iGo\Content directory, and it's all up and running. Done on 1 SD card. Needed to copy the files on a PC (not a Mac).
  4. hybrid 4.0 avic-f900bt

    Just downloading now. Can you give me a clue as to what this does? I saw on a torrent that it'll allow iGO8 maps to be used too (if its the same download)?
  5. Australian firmware help.

    Hey RogerX, this link isn't working anymore. I've a F900BT that is on V3 and the maps are rubbish. Was ust hunting for details on how to update / hack it, and think i want the same as the OP.