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  1. any news about this password for access Mega download?
  2. Hi, Mega ask for a decryption key. I tries the pastebin data as password, but fails. Thanks in advance
  3. Please, anybody can help me??? thanks
  4. Hi, everyone and happy new year!!!! I have a problem, I tried to update my F900BT from version 01.000600 and map 2.009000. I've a Kingston 4 gb SD to trying an update with oficial update, but unit cannot start. I tried firtst with this file AVIC_F700BT_F900BT_VER_2009000.zip, error. After tried with this AVIC_F700BT_F900BT_CNSD100FM_VER_3021000.zip the same result Tried the hybrid 4.0001 firmware, copy all the content to my flash disk, reboot and aonly appear the piooner image. Another problem, the unit my_flash_disk is 1.8GB, but when i try to copy the 2013 maps is
  5. can you tell me if it's possible to upload an image of this sd?? Thanks in advance
  6. spiceweasel, thanks for your post, well no i can play videos too, and all option are now ok, i use a tutorial found on youtube, with search text "bypass F900BT", now i need the sd "A" from cnsd-300FM. anybody know where i can find???
  7. ok, the instruction tell that you need the sd "a" for version 1.0008000 and map 2.009000. please can you upload sd "a" to mediafire????, send me a private if it's possible. i need this too. thanks a lot.
  8. anybody can help me please. Thanks in advance
  9. well an update: i delete the folder setup from my flash driver -- user data -- user with testmode reboot the unit and appear the language selecction, but i cannot select spanish language or other, appear disabled, when i press ok the nest screen is voice language and only can select ok. any idea
  10. Hi everybody, this is my last chance Well my history start when i bought an AVIC-F900BT device, i put my device on storage for a many reasons for two years, well, i lets go to car workshop and i try to mount it, but tell me that i need some parts. This car workshop start the unit for verify and configure without any idea. Well now i need to update the unit but in settings appear disabled 2 of 4 options, i can only change sound av and config av. i think that my unit is not updated to 100 or 200 firmware. download the firmware from pioneer, insert into sd and unit doesn't
  11. Hola a todos, Tengo un AVIC-F900BT y creo que noesta actualizado, pero cuando voy a ajustes, me aparece deshabilitado los de configuracion de la unidad, pero habilitado los de sonido av y configuracion av. LE hago un reset con el boton durante 5 0 10 0 15 y se reinicia igual, no me deja acceder al menu para hacerle un reset de fabrica. Me descarge de pioneer el sd del terminal sin actualizar y no arranca el boot desde SD. Alguna idea. Gracias
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