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  1. I have an Avic-D3 and the new 3G S. As stated multiple times, the Pioneer cable does not charge the phone. The interface itself does work though. I went and bought the $50 Apple Composite cable and I am able to stream Last.fm etc just as others stated above. I still cannot charge. The USB portion of the composite cord is left empty and the audio and video plugs are attached, then I connect the flat-ended USB to the iPhone (obviously) but I cannot get it to charge. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Hello, I can't believe I managed to install this myself as a 16 y/o with absolutely no experience with this at all. I guess I'll just post a few pictures to help anyone out in whatever ways I can. I have not yet done the bypass although I really am not in a huge desire for it (it's hard enough to stay on the road as a new driver without watching a dvd ). Picture 1 Assortment of wires. I can't imagine this will help very many. The one tricky part was figuring out that the blue/white wire needs to connect to the blue wire. I don't even think I connected the other blue wire. Picture 2 RCA Connection Just thought I'd post this to help anyone who really has no clue what they're doing. Picture 3 Parking Brake Switch This is just how I grounded the parking brake switch. Sorry I don't have the switch and parking brake picture to show you. Basically, from the harness, take the parking break and connect the empty end to the parking brake switch. All you have to do from there is ground the empty end of the switch to either the ground wire or a screw like I did. Parking brake switch mounted: Just used a drill bit to make the opening. Picture 5 Ill problems Some dude who helped me out a bit cut my illumination wire (labeled "Ill", controls dimming settings). I went ahead and tapped into the green wire on the orginal harness. The Metra harness I got did not seem to have a wire for the illumination. End Results
  3. Backup Camera Saves the Day

    Haha, so true. But nonetheless, I'm happy to hear such a nice story. Makes me want to get one.
  4. Radio Info

    Why they don't support that is crazy imo.
  5. D3 in 04 Subaru STi

    Check there. I would imagine it's somewhere throughout there. If not, make a post asking so. http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=25
  6. No Sound on D3

    Heh, I really have no clue what I'm talking about. You have to double connect the blue/white wire wherever you connected the solid blue wire. In other words, connect the blue wire and blue/white wire to the same spot (wherever that is, I forget). The amp turn on gives power to the audio (I believe?) and it also controls the antenna assuming you have a non-stationary antenna. EDIT I went ahead and took a look at mine. I have no clue what I'm talking about Connect the blue wire to the blue/white. Here's a picture. The blue/white is the one on the bottom right.
  7. D3 installed in my 2006 Mustang convertible

    Looks nice Good job and glad to hear you got all the wires setup correctly ( at least for the most part ).
  8. Error-11

    I had the error with my 2nd generation iPod then tried it with my 1st gen Nano. The Nano worked then my 2nd generation started working again. Go figure