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  1. F500BT My Flash Disk backupped

    How can a backup be made? I have an F940BT and it shows the option to make a copy to SD but it's dimmed and not selectable :s
  2. F940bt update won't start

    I've recently purchased a Pioneer AVIC-F940BT and on the pioneer website there are several updates available. However, on my unit i only was able to start the install of the FM reception update. Which i didn't need to go through with because my system already had the latest fm software However, there is also an update for the firmware, which on my unit is 4.0, to version 4.01. But i can not get this update to start, does anybody else have/had this problem or know a solution? I'm following the directions from pioneer to the letter but still i can't get the update to start.
  3. Ok... Does anybody have the europe maps available for download?
  4. HDD unlocking FREE

    I was able to unlock my AVIC-HD3 II without any problems with this testdisk! Thanks for the manual and the program!
  5. Exported Music in AT3 Format

    Any new info on this? I've made a backup of my music as i'm getting an avic-f940bt tonight but i can't find any program that succesfully converts a file. Let alone thousands in folders :')
  6. From what i see on pioneer's site there is only one product that's named CNDV-1100HD. Is this version the same all around the world or do i need a different version for europe? I'm going to switch to a avic-f940 tonight but this would make my hd3 easier to sell or use in a different car!
  7. Do i need to unlock the HDD of my headunit before i connect it to a pc? I've been trying to connect it thru a usb adapter, the adapter works fine but the hdd is not even shown by my computer, is this because of the lock or do i have a different problem? Any advice would be helpfull!
  8. Getting music of the HDD on my pc

    Hi all, hope someone can help me with this: I'm in the process of buying a new car which in itself is nice of course! However, the models i am looking at all have built in navigation/radio systems and so i won't be able to continue use of my Avic-HD3. On my pioneer i've been using a 12 disc changer, an ipod and of course the HDD to play my music. Most of the music on the HDD, i do not have on my pc/ipod. Before selling my car i want to retrieve all the music (about 130cd's) and copy them to my pc so i can add them to my ipod for in my next car. Any way to do this?