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  1. My first wallpaper

    Its just on eye sight and alot of error searching, i cant do moving unfortunatly
  2. Custom Background Gallery

    My first and currently
  3. Easy video conversion

    After some googling around, i could'nt find a good guide about converting videos to our headunits. For my AVH-X8400BT, the manual states: Im Using ImTOO Video Converter Ultimate First, open the program and change the conversion profile: Then we need to make a custom profile so the program doesnt need to be setup each time(The resolution and bitrate may differ from our devices, this works very well on my X8500BT): Now just add your videos and start the conversion, after thats done you just place them in a folder on your SD card or in my case my 60gb SSD in a HDD case, plugged in to the HU
  4. My first wallpaper

    Hey guys!, this is my first post on the forum! I'll start out by saying that english is not my first language, as im living in Denmark!, so excuse any spelling errors etc. Im not good at photoshop, but i managed to make my first custom wallpaper for my X8500BT Hope you like it! //Kim