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  1. Well add me to this list as mine started about 2 months ago, I take it that no one has a solution for this? I can't seem to find a replacement screen or anything. This is just sickening.
  2. Hi all I was looking around but didn't find anything that I was wondering. I just recently switched to the Tmobile Note 4 from the VZW Note 3 with the Appradio 2. Anywho just wondering if anyone who has the Tmo Note 4 running a custom rom or kernel would share what they are using and if it's working out for you. I'm on FireKat rom 4.4.4 and AEL kernel v7.2 it works for the most part just having a charging issue but overall it works but I think I can do better. So if anyone has a better recommended set up please share if you would.
  3. I tested a few roms on the Galaxy Nexus with the ARLiberator app and they all pass video just fine including CM10.
  4. Yep all your going to need is root and your on your way it's really awesome your going to love it.
  5. Yes you do need root access to use the ARLiberator app
  6. The ARLiberator app is live in the play store and fully working. Go get it guys!
  7. There is a newer version of Waze I found that will bring back the touchscreen controls. It seems to have a few bugs such as reports from other drivers but like I said it brings back touch controls. Here it is.https://www.dropbox.com/s/4mva5i3dj0xvm2k/com.waze.1019569.apk
  8. I'm still on ICS for now and I can say the update is pretty darn good I would say they are about 90-95% there. I may not flash just yet to Jelly Bean I may even wait for the official release if there are indeed any little bugs still out there. But overall I'm pretty happy that Pioneer has stepped it up.
  9. Finally I can flash to Jelly Bean again which build did you use?
  10. Well all in all it looks like only 2 weeks till we get an update so I am pretty excited about that. I would have been happy for them to just listen and reply to us but they actually gave me a status so yea pretty good news.
  11. Well I am using the customer service one, but got no response. It wasn't till I threatened them that they actually answered and were quite nice after that. lol
  12. Ok guys I got another email update from Pioneer and here's what they said, it looks very promising. Our engineers are hoping to have an update for our application by the end of the month. They have also provided an updated SDK to the different application developers. They will need to update their apps to support the new SDK. The updates will be pushed through Google Play, like any other application update. Sorry, we do not have a way to know when they will release their updates. If I hear any additional updates, I will get them to you.
  13. APPRADIO 2 Android Thread

    Nice! sick of staring at that dam Iphone threads at the top its super annoying.