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  1. Bluetooth update failed for AVH-P8400BH

    I've been calling since 6:00 pm and got busy signals each time I called. Finally got a ringtone at 7:10 pm (EST) and a person didn't pick up until 7:40 pm, anyway, they said that in order to do the update, I needed to have the parking break engaged. Once I do that that I should be able to see the options, the only thing I failed to mentioned to him which I wouldn't is that I have the parking over ride hack with the system. Not sure if that had anything to do with the failed update but tomorrow I'm going to remove it and see if that makes any difference. I agree with Clutch, I don't feel I have to pay the $95 to repair an update. Also I checked in the owner's manual and on page 96 of the pdf document it states that Error-10 means "The power failed for the bluetooth module of this unit"
  2. Bluetooth update failed for AVH-P8400BH

    Thanks Clutch, I get the same thing. Error-10 when selecting the Bluetooth screen or hitting the icon for the phone. Nothing pairs with the device. Now I know what to expect when calling Pioneer.
  3. Just Updated My AVH-P8400BT's Bluetooth

    There was a time I jumped a step when my notebook connected with the hands free device I tried to send it instead of dragging and dropping the file to the headset device folder, I rebooked my notebook because I couldn't cancel it, but was able to connect back to the unit and followed the directions line by line and not jumping ahead. I dragged and dropped the file to the update folder on the handset drive it said that it was completed and even displayed on the screen like the screen shot from page 5. But was unable to see the firmware version. So now it's stuck, I'm unable to select any of the options. It displays Error-10 when enabling the bluetooth option.
  4. Just Updated My AVH-P8400BT's Bluetooth

    Same here, I used a pc and now my phone is not able to connect at all. After transferring the file and on the unit clicked on update bluetooth, it seem to work because it said it was successful. I could not verify the bluetooth version number and now the bluetooth portion of it is not working at all. Not only can I not stream music but I also can not make phone calls. Planning to call Pioneer on Monday afternoon.
  5. I tried the update from the Pioneer site http://www.pioneerel...Car-BTUpdate (1)&utm_content=car I followed the instructions word by word until I got up the where it transfered the file successfully from my Windows 7 notebook to the AVH-P8400BH and it said completed just like the end of page 5. But it didn't give me the chance to check the firmware. Everything is greyed out and I can't even start this from the top. What's worst is that nothing connects to it now. I can't even use my phone to make calls. I will call on Monday to see what they said but in the meantime did anyone else have an issue with installing this upgrade?
  6. While connecting the phone to the AVH-8400BH via bluetooth stream the music is choppy and sounds like it's skipping. I try the same phone on logitech bluetooth gateway on my home stereo it plays fine. Any suggestions? To add to the mix is that I can use an iPod touch on both (the Pioneer AVH-8400BH and Logitech Gateway) and both works fine. My phone is a bit older and there's no firmware for it. Has anyone else encountered this?
  7. Video resolution not supported

    According to the manual, the max resolution for video is 1280x720 (widthxheight). Anything higher, the unit is not going to play it. I've tried downloading some videos from Youtube and the later videos by Vemo wouldn't play without converting it. Some videos download at 1920 x 1080 which I got the error message same as the original poster "Video resolution not supported." I've been trying out AOne video conversion software from torrent sites and it's been working fine for me. MP4 format, I don't really see the difference with H.264 format but I'll try it again. Normal view sometimes gives me a black boarder Full usually stretches it out. So far it's the music videos that I've been having issues with, but will try and load some movies and check the dimensions and see if they fall in this range.
  8. iPhone 4 gives me sound but no video

    Ok, the Best Buy near me had a 12ft cable for $34.99 and a 6ft HP Cable for $24.99 and monoprice had a 3ft cable $0.99 (6ft cable $1.30). So I took another gamble and got the cable from Monoprice and paid $6.00 for 2 day delivery. This time it paid off. 3ft cord was just right. I've could of gotten it a little longer but then again it's more cord to wrap up. From the back of the HU, it reaches just past the glove box but not touching the passenger seat. Tested everything and it works fine. I can play Youtube videos, Hulu videos, and videos I've downloaded to the itouch. It works just as the official Pioneer app radio video described it. At first I was so frustrated with the Pioneer CDIU201S cable because it's thick, expensive and wasn't working with the D-Link usb extension cable I had laying around the house. (for some reason my avh-p8400bh didn't come with a usb cable although it should have). Thanks again VBlue42, if it didn't work out this time I would of went with the Best Buy or J&R Music world (their prices were a bit better)
  9. p8400 video playing

    Hey NorthTron, what program do you use to convert the video you download from Youtube?
  10. iPhone 4 gives me sound but no video

    VBlue42, You are correct. The problem is the usb extension cable. When I removed the head unit and connected the pioneer CDIU201S cable directly to the head unit, everything worked fine. I was able to see and hear videos from Youtube, the default video player on the iTouch 2nd gen. Also app mode worked which before it displayed a blank screen. So I may check out Best Buy for a usb extension cable because the CDIU201S is way too short to run from the head unit to the glove box. Monoprice has the same cable for a lot cheaper so if it's not in my best buy store I'll buy it online. Thanks for your suggestion.
  11. iPhone 4 gives me sound but no video

    Hello VBlue42, I bought my cable (Pioneer CDIU201S) from Amazon. I'm considering taking this out and selling it because it's not working as it should unless you have any other ideas. One thing I may try is that connecting the cable directly to the head unit because right now I'm using a usb extension cable on usb1.
  12. iPhone 4 gives me sound but no video

    I have the same issue with my AVH-P8400BH. I can hear the music playing through the speakers of the vehicle, and the device states that video is being displayed to an external device but I don't see anything on the screen. The rgb setting is set to iPhone. I've tried a 2nd gen iTouch and also 2nd Gen iPad. I can play videos from every other source, sd card, usb flash drive, dvd with the parking by pass in place. Is there something else I'm missing?
  13. How can I get the radio station call letters to display on the AVH-P8400BH where the album art is located? Currently I only see the black box with the music note. Is there a setting to turn this on or off? Also the radio stations are broadcasting in HD, local is set to 4 bars, Seek is all & blending is D/A Auto.