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  1. Traffic Tuner, 930bt

    From Pioneer's web site it says so. "...the ND-TMC10 traffic tuner provides real-time traffic data for over 90 major cities in North America, including Canada." http://www.pioneerel...onents/ND-TMC10 From the looks of it, they use Clear Channel Broadcasting Inc which owns Total Traffic Network. http://totaltraffic....raffic/Toronto/ I really hope it works!
  2. Traffic Tuner, 930bt

    I am getting the traffic tuner on Wednesday of next week. I will let you know my findings. I commute from Kitchener-Waterloo Cambridge area to Mississauga, Ontario. What area specifically are you looking for?
  3. I was wondering if the SiriusXM Connect Tuner (SXV200) works with the Pioneer CD-SB10? Reason I am asking is because I am looking at installing XM in my car rather then Siruis. I know that the Pioneer GEX-P920XM is available but was thinking this might be a better option in case I switch over to Sirius and use the Sirius SC-C1 SiriusConnect with the SiriusXM Connect Tuner (SXV200. I will be using this with the Pioneer AVIC-X930BT Any experience out there?
  4. I can't seem to find what Pioneer Module I should use for XM Radio on the SPH-DA100? Thanks!