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  1. Figured I would try on here as well for an issue I am having. I looked at the one thread that was started for same issue but it didn't state a fix. I am trying to get my 4400BH to stream Sirius, I got the kit (both the BUS and SC-C1) for it and its stuck on channel 205. No sound, nada. I disconnected, changed wires around had it trouble shooted at install place, but nothing fixing it. I called Sirius and all is activated and they are able to send signals to the reciever but its not doing anything. Any insight?
  2. Sirius stuck on 205

    I just got my Sirius installed and I have the same issue...I had the technician check and reverse all cables and still same thing..disconnected all power, had sirius resend all signals and nothing. I get NO sound and can't change channels. Any insight?
  3. Custom Background Gallery

    Can someone make me a Buffalo Bills background for a 4400BH unit? Please and thanks!!