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  1. NEX CARPLAY Problems

    I did the update and it did not fix the issue. Just got off the phone with Pioneer tech and they said they are still working on the problem. They also said that they tried a beta version of the OS 13 update and it still had the problem.
  2. NEX CARPLAY Problems

    I have a customer with a AVH 1500NEX that is having carplay issues. When she is plugged in using carplay for music and receives a call, she answers the call and when she hangs up the radio no longer has any rear speaker or subwoofer output. There is no problem if she is using bluetooth for music only carplay. We made sure the radio and phone are up to date with software. We used another iPhone and it did the same thing. Both phones are updated, a iPhone 10 and 8. Called Apple and they said it was a Pioneer issue. Tried another radio, same problem. I went to my display and had the same issue with a MVH-1400 and a AVH-2500. I have a AVH-4100 in my own car and it works fine on it. Talked to technical and they are aware of an issue but had no solution at this time. Just wanted to see if anyone else had any similar issues. Thanks in advance.
  3. HELP: AVH-P4100DVD

    did u ground the wire? if so thats your problem
  4. N4 Bypass

    I do not think you can bypass this unit with the switch as before. It has a new bottom cover with no access hole for the switch. I also tried to use the paper clip method and it felt like there was no switch at all. Anyone else have a chance to look at one of these yet?
  5. N4 Bypass

    I am getting my N4's in stock in the next couple of days and I heard that the bypass might be the same as the N3. Does anyone have any info?
  6. Bypass AVIC-Z2

    I was just browsing installer central and saw a post that said ground the illumination wire. It can't be that simple. Has anyone tried this?