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  1. **UPDATE** borrowed my friends 310bt which is stock. Borrowed his flashdisk2 and still nothing. Ive copied my original flashdisk1 back over and my nav actually went back to 1.004 and postcode search works great. put my hacked version back and limited search and igo 8 and apps still work
  2. Hi all ive managed to do the hack no problem with backups of both flashdisks and managed to get igo8 working perfectly. Only problem is that the stock nav now only finds around 5% of postcodes in its database. Ive tried putting back a copy of my flashdisk2 (map storage) to no avail. Can any one help?
  3. Ive got my old f310bt with igo8 and was looking to update. Has anyone got gps signal on any device with this hack yet?
  4. Looking at an F10BT

    Hi everyone looking at an upgrade from my old trusty F310BT running igo8 to a F10BT. Is the F10BT a good upgrade?? Does the F10 have security (ie removable front)??will it be able to run custom apps and igo8 as good as the 310BT? and is it good value at round £400. Adam