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  1. I need to tap into this wire for a Nav system and need to know which wire it is and where to tap into it under the dash
  2. AVIC-N4 bypass

    My best advice when you're having trouble is to make sure you have a good solid ground. Once you're SURE you have it grounded correctly, if you're still having problems you should check your other wire connections. But I can't stress enough how important it is that you have a good tight solid ground. I learned the hard way...
  3. Does anyone know where this wire is located and what color it is? Also, any other help or input would be greatly appreciated. I'm installing an AVIC-N5 by the way. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  4. I hooked up the Pioneer CD-IB100ii to my Z1 and the iPod source light on my Z1 doesn't light up and give me access to the iPod. I've checked and rechecked all my connections and they're all exactly the way the manual says to hook it up. Does anyone have any ideas on what may be wrong and how to fix it?
  5. I'm having the same kind of problem. Just installed the Z1 and an expensive CCD camera and all I get when I shift into reverse is a screen where the top 2/3 is black and the bottom 1/3 is light gray and flickers.
  6. Rear view camera

    Look on Ebay. You can get a good 1/3" CCD color keyhole camera with a 110 degree field of view for about $150. I wouldnl't go anything smaller than 1/3" if I were you.
  7. After talking with Brachoza again, the Illumination wire is actually located in the factory radio harness. It's the green wire between the red wire and the white wire. Once I tapped into it the Z1 switched to night mode whenever I turned the lights on just like it's supposed to. Much thanks to Brachoza and Ducatiboy for all their help in tracking this down and getting it working.
  8. Can someone please tell me where to locate this wire and what color it is?