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  1. You can not use both at once.
  2. You can not be used simultaneously. I put a switch on the power of the pin 30, so as to pass to hdmi without removing the iPod. We still go to the settings every time.
  3. no need to downgrade to use the 30-pin. Just go to settings and select "other" instead of "AV lightning." Before I was disconnecting the phone, disconnect the Bluetooth and turn off all sources.
  4. What's New in Version 1.3.0 -Rdio Free Rdio Free is a free music service to listen instantly to a curated mix of music based on a song, album, or artist of your choice. but how it works?
  5. new waze, the bar reports covering half the screen! Is it possible that I can not take it off?
  6. Apps greyed out

    you've tried with another phone?
  7. I noticed that by connecting the AppRadio DA100 with hdmi cable have a loss of quality compared to connect with 30pin cable. This is with iphone 5, that with Android devices. You can solve this problem?
  8. This could be good? http://www.miniinthebox.com/it/special-power-bank-design-con-cavo-usb-per-samsung-galaxy-s3-i9300-e-altri-2600mah_p485522.html?pos=ultimately_buy_7
  9. you've tried a version of appext previous?
  10. But mk809 II works the same with AppRadio Unchained? Costs much less.
  11. AppRadio DA100 + Ipod touch 4g (30 pin connector). I have a problem with Navfree and ipod touch 4g. The image on the DA100 appears small: about a quarter of the screen. May depend on what?
  12. ipod automatically install backward compatible. Lose only Appradiolive.