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  1. Hi, so as the title, what is the best phone to use with the AppRadio2 and ARLiberator? For about a year I've been using the galaxy s2 i9100 with the spotify and audible apps. Worked ok, but today it just broke. Half of my apps all of a sudden disappeared (including the play store), tried to factory reset it and now it's not starting up... Not even in the safe modes. Not impressed. Is there a better phone to use? Is the iphone compatibility any better than it was? I'm looking to get new a phone to stay permenantly in the car. Cheers very much, Derek
  2. Thanks for the video, I haven't updated yet but I'm wanting to know, can I still 'mirror' audio and video from my iphone 5? How would I do that with the new update as right now I use the 'app' button to bring up my phone screen (av adaptor + lightning cable)
  3. I'm still working on getting full access to all the features, but so far, if I plug the hdmi and USB into a digital adapter and then into my iphone 5, it plays audio through it just fine.
  4. Oh, I heard that our euro versions of the unit don't need a bypass and just needs to be earthed. Do you think you could send me a link to the eBay listing?
  5. Hello

    Hello from the UK Just installed the DA100 in my Lupo GTI and loving it. Great piece of kit and worth every penny
  6. Hi, sorry to hi-jack your thread, but I'm also in the UK and have just bought the DA100, loving it. Can I ask how you earthed your parking brake wire? I'm really not very good with electrical stuff, can I just strip back this black cable and clip the parking brake cable to it?