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  1. okay went to CES, and got to play with a AVIC-D3. Why is it inferior to the D1, and D2 -Slot loading DVD in front, the navigation does not slide out anymore to insert the navigation DVD. -Can only load 1 optical medium at a time. You have a music CD? you want to navigate? Tough luck. Take out your music CD, put in your navigation DVD, Input your routes, let it load, then take out your navi DVD, and put in your CD and continue going. There is ONLY 1 DRIVE. -No Tilt Function -Smaller Navigation Screen Why is it Superior to the D1 or D2? -More colors on the LCD -cheap
  2. Here's my contribution for the startup background
  3. Every single time, i always have "transparencies" in my background because i have white in my background. Problem is, my "chrome" emblem has white in it, and it always comes out wierd looking. (mazda flying 'm'). I can post the pic on here, see if anyone can fix it!
  4. I have a couple of spanish/french songs and some chinese songs. I want to be able to display these fonts (on a MP3 cd). All i have when it's playing the song are questions marks and weird symbols. For example i would get. Yo quiero ???bell. I want it to be right.
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