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  1. http://youtu.be/Y4iVYIuc7zI can everyone help me pls ? thx
  2. CNSD-310FM EU 2012 update

    thx pionara !!! is a bad request , but i try for one time and f20 don't recognize the sd, is just show me 3 music files
  3. CNSD-310FM EU 2012 update

    UP !!!
  4. CNSD-310FM EU 2012 update

    hi everyone, sorry FOR MY REQUEST , i need this upgrade for my best friend , i need to upgrade 1 avic f20 and 1 avic f30 , now i read all your posts (how to change cardinfo etc etc), but i need to send the sd-card to my friend , i don't have the units here, now you think "is simple ask this", not because i don't wanna try, but is impossible for me try (no units here), i need a full update link whit a : -Cnsd310 2012/13 EU update / -2 cardinfo (1 mod f20 etc etc ) (1 for f30-930 etc) / -tts italian and italian language menu already installed on update link, NO PROBLEM, I PAY YOUR WORK, i need to find it for my friend..., but i need only a link to download and put in sd-card , stop ... if everyone want help me contact me mkodj@hotmail.it , thx
  5. CNSD-310FM EU 2012 update

    sorry i need a info pls.. CNSD-310FM EU 2012 update AVIC-F30BT, AVIC-F930BT, AVIC-F9310BT ??? is good for italian maps? have the italian tts / language option ? or i need to select english and after italian ?
  6. CNSD-310FM EU 2012 update

    hi everyone , pls can u help me, it is good for italy? like a EAST maps ???