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  1. A question that I have is that since the map data is compressed into the flash memory of the F90BT...is there any possible way to update it?
  2. Hey guys. This is actually my first time making a thread. I usually PM ppl for help. The thing is that I finally bought my first car, a 2006 Honda Civic. And I was wondering, is the AVIC-F90BT able to be installed in it? Another question is whats the difference between the AVIC-F90BT and the AVIC-F900BT? Thanks in advance, Mahir.
  3. I was where exactly on the back of the car is the optional rear view camera mounted?
  4. Hey guys I was wondering where online can you buy rear parking sensors for your car. The ones y'know that beep whenever you are within close distance of an obstacle.
  5. Hey guys I joined this forum 2 months ago and I'm amazed at all the different sorts of information that is given from many owners/installers of the AVIC Z Series. WEll i'm 17 years old and I"m getting my first car, Scion tC, and my parents are getting me an AVIC Z2,; so I have a few question for you guys if you can help me out. 1. Is BestBuy/CircuitCity a good place to get the AVIC Z2 installed and get the bypass done? 2.I downloaded Hyperite ISO file, burned it, so now all I have to do is update the Z2 and do the 2 wire bypass. Once I get the 2 wires grounded, will the bypass be p
  6. hey guys sorry if i sound like an idiot, but if I get CircuitCity or BestBuy to install my AVIC Z1 Can they bypass it as well? I have a 2005 Scion tC Thanks
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