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  1. OEM harness

    Ok peeps kinda a weird wire question here.. im looking for a Clip its the OEM clip to the radio but i need this clip in Raw forum.. Just the Plastic and un-crimped pin's so i can put what wires i need in the right spots. Basically making a custom radio harness.. im fairly decent at installing but don't know anything about finding Custom parts.. its tight behind this radio in the MS3 so i figured i would try to attempt a custom harness if i can find the resources instead of splicing two harnesses together. i would appreciate any help. i don't even know what the raw forum would be called "wire harness clip"? or Wire harness terminal"? not sure. here is a pic of the exactly what i need but this has the wires installed already. Thanks in Advance
  2. Headlights locking up 120

    Nice one Vblue, I've been checking your vids on youtube about the 120 actually looking at getting one.. I have been out of the pioneer loop for to long.. I had a Z1 and then a Z2 if only the 120 had a HDD.. lol but everything is going bluetooth and such and I just got a new ride gotta put something in there..
  3. Multiple Issues: GPS & XM

    I know depending on the car and such being on the dash is not good enough. I've never heard of the two canceling each other but I would rule that out I'm just saying I've had mine next to each other several times with no problems on the Z1 and Z2. The problem I was having was line of site threw the wind shield. Especially if your window isn't slanted a lot then the roof will cut the line of site and function will dip. not a positive fix for your issue but something to think about if nothing else works.. I believe it was a Grand Am and a Dodge Ram I couldn't get it to work on the dash.
  4. OS??

    it matters because im a buyer and want to know what im getting thats why Vblue and thank you bucket..
  5. OS??

    the Z110Bt and Z120 BT OS is Windows CE correct?
  6. Im looking at a new indash unit and i dont really need Nav but i was looking at the AVH-P6000DVD which isnt supported on this forum but i figured i would ask anyway. its got everything i basically need so I'm really looking into it. but i saw guys on youtube in Russia hacking some of these with a Mircom M500 is a Russian based Nav Unit and stuff thats stand alone and uses the HU as a monitor/touchscreen whatever.. I THINK!! but i was looking to a was to do this with an american model but im not sure if the P6000 even has an OS i came from a Z1 and i know they all do and stuff im not even sure what they use probably windows Mobile or something but i was wondering if anyone else had an input in this. does someone know if this unit has a OS of Windows CE or something of that nature or would i have to get a separate CPU and use the HU as a touchscreen ( have one problem if i have to go this route) I dunno what kinda Stand Alone unit i can get to use the HU screen Any Help Would Be Very Helpful...Sorry been out of the loop for a couple years no and not sure what has or hasn't changed
  7. venting need opinions..

    Thank you.. That's kinda the way I see it
  8. venting need opinions..

    and i just found a ebay listing by the same guy selling a 80 gb with 2009 maps.. so hes gotta be pullin the HDD and reselling it.. makes me wonder if hes on these forums..
  9. venting need opinions..

    so i sold my Z1 and accessories on ebay, it was upgraded to the z3 with a 60gb HDD, well in the description i mistakenly put 80gb the dude that got it first gripped about having to pay shipping. then tried to tell me it took to long to get it.. i shipped it on a monday it arrived on wed..2 days from me to him. on the fridya he said he still hadnt gotten it, then after i told him it had been delivered and signed for he said oh the apartment manger must have gotten it.. cool whatever. paypal wont release the money till he gives me feedback or 3 weeks. i have already left him positive feedback because he paid and shipping and all that went well. so now hes saying its only got a 60gb HDD model number )$%)!@&!@ whatever and wants to know how we are going to resolve this cause the ONLY reason he bought it was for a 80 gb HDD i told him to ship it back and ill refund his money. and awaiting his response on this. Am I jumping the gun or is this dude causing problems? but hes already had it apart with the HDD out obviously.. so i dunno if its fair to me to take it back.. any opinions on this?
  10. AVIC411 Official Z110BT Demo Videos

    im trying to upgrade from a Z1/Z3.. LOL gonna miss the HDD but.. oh well ..
  11. Z2 RCA problem...

    Installed my subs and amp today and im getting power to everything but no signal from the RCAs.. i check them with my multi meter and never got a reading threw the RCAs.. any ideas why the Z2 wouldnt be putting out signal.. subwoofer button is turned on also...
  12. Question about nav weather.

    i tried to get it when i hooked up my z1 and the guy said its not compatable. ONLY the stock acuras are.
  13. F900BT question

    ive read about the flash drives working ont he F900Bt does this mean you can take a portable hard drive and load music on it and play it threw the usb on the F900BT or can you upload it into the F900BT i dont know much about this im a Z series person and mine just went out so i was looking at options. i miss my HDD Though
  14. ideas to make my z1 work

    so i was installing my z1 and it was working and everything and then the screen went blank and the unit shut off. im getting power to it, the reset buttin wont work and i looked at all the fuses nothing is wrong just the radio. anything i can try before i consider this one dead?
  15. Differences between Z3 and Kenwood DNX8120?

    well i cant anwser everything but can some things. the only way to get music on the hdd drive of the z3 is ripping. there is not copying over to the HD. the voice recognition on mine was ok but i just couldnt get into useing it alot. was faster for me to find the song.