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  1. Was curious if anyone has had any luck getting appradio to work with s8 or s8 plus??
  2. 8000 Nav Voice Volume low

    Any other causes I adusted the volume on the gmos 01 and the volume is unchanged also my hands free calling is as low as the voice Navi.... Please help
  3. Was curious if anyone has had any luck getting appradio to work with s8 or s8 plus??
  4. i recently bought a avic 6000nex and I'm having trouble with Bluetooth and call volume. the Bluetooth audio volume is perfect. when i try to make a call though the volume is very faint the volume on phone is all the way up (s8 plus) very annoying i use hands free all the on old pioneer so i know the wiring is right please help?
  5. i had the x50bt profesionally installed and the equalizer (eq) cuts out and when it does the volume on headunit and steering wheel controlls stop working. can some one please tell me whats wrong?
  6. appradio

    on the avic x850bt do you need to buy the appradio kit in order to use appradio or can you run it threw bluetooth
  7. appradio

    it doesnt specify
  8. i fixed issue the wire that controls when the units volume dims when recieving a call was messing it up (brown wire). i clipped it and now it works flawlessly. slight draw back is i have to manually lower the volume before answering a bluetooth call threw my headunit
  9. anyone? whats teh easiest way to check for loose wire?
  10. Album art via Bluetooth on X940 BT

    well i dont think the album art will show up i have the x850bt and threw bluetooth audio i get the info song, artist album info nut never the artwork. i am using moto android razr
  11. ill be driving down the street and all of a sudden its grayed out and the volume declines and i have no control on steering controls or headunit. yet i can control incall bluetooth volume . it only does it playing any types of music
  12. i mean its the x850bt