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  1. Please Help with Touch Panel

    I'm going to revive this thread... I've had my N1 since 2003 (maybe that's the problem right there) and the only problems i'm having is exactly what everyone else has been dealing with: The calibration is off especially on the left side of the screen and the +/- buttons aren't working. I've tried recalibrating 50+ times in the service menu following what everyone on the internet has ever posted about it and I still have had no luck. This past weekend while tracing the white lines around the edge I got it to say in blue letters, "values okay" or something like that and I got all excited because it was like my 30th time trying it and then step 2 wouldn't work and I couldn't back out with the band button so I had to reset and now after 30 more tries it just says in red, "invalid by the outside of a permissible value". I'm so frustrated. Nowadays I don't use it for Navigation because my android phone is much better, but I do have a backup camera and an ipod(audio) cable that would be nice to use but the settings in the menu for those items are on the left side of the screen and I can't access them! I wish Pioneer would have designed the stupid thing to work by selecting items with the freaking JOYSTICK that it has and not just rely on touch. I am basically reviving this thread because i'm sure some people still are having this issue and it'd be nice if someone has some answers. It'd be nice if someone could go into their service menu and see what permissible X/Y values are so I can just trace the screen paying attention to the values to try to get them into permissible range. Anyways, hopefully something comes of this.