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  1. X920BT has "Program Startup Error"

    Well I wish I could say it wasn't there but it is..... That's a good start! I thought I read somewhere that it was Cardinfo file that was the one which did the card reading. I wish I knew. I followed the directions given to the T. I can get it to read and accept the RenewalIFLib-Auto-Replacer file but when I go to put in the 2012 Upgrade file it does nothing. Its got to be something easy or this thing would not be working at all. Thank you for giving me a hand. Hopefully this will get resolved soon! Cheers!
  2. X920BT has "Program Startup Error"

    OK, I was not doing it right....... Sorry. So now the issue is that because my unit will not go to a usable screen and defaults to Program Startup Error, the only way for me to get into anything usable is to manually put it into test mode. It will not auto load from the SD card upon startup of the unit. Does this make sense? Suggestions? Thank you for your help!
  3. X920BT has "Program Startup Error"

    I cant seem to figure out this torrent....... The only file I get is for some stupid video program. Its 6528kb. Not the 7 files that are over 2GB as expected. This is exactly the type of mess I have been dealing with since I started this process months ago....... Can anybody help me out please?
  4. X920BT has "Program Startup Error"

    Is there not a way to do a complete rewrite of all folders? I think there are files/folders that have been deleted on accident during this process of recovering my unit.......
  5. X920BT has "Program Startup Error"

    Thank you for responding! The unit is out of the vehicle and set up on my test bench. Power has been off for far more than 30min. Its defiantly not a power thing that's going to fix this unit...... The unit was in my truck when I received the SD card from Pioneer with the update on it. I followed the instructions on the sheet provided by them with the update and did so exactly as they tell you to. Shortly after I installed the SD card from Pioneer into my unit, it became bricked. I had white and black lines running horizontally across the screen. I then cycled power just to have it end up looking like "snow" on the screen with no touch screen functions or anyway to get it into test mode. This was when I removed it from my truck and moved over to my test bench. I messed with it for days and days until finally I started getting a splash screen about 1/10th of the time I did a reboot. Finally when I had a splash screen I ran across this forum. I followed all information I could find with zero luck beyond getting into test mode. Although I did get an opportunity to backup the unit, it was clearly corrupt and in my opinion, it probably rendered the backup files useless. I figured it would be pointless to revert back to a bricked unit!!!......... Maybe if I knew exactly what files I should copy I could go ahead and try the manual copy and paste method. I just do not know exactly what files to replace and until I can get some help in that area, I have been sitting back and reading as much as possible. It seems to me that there should be a way to get a copy of another persons X920BT files and replace my current files with theirs. I hate this and the fact that I have such an expensive unit currently no better than a paperweight............. Like I said, if there is anybody who can tell me the exact files I need to copy, remove and change, I will do so right away. I am sure I have all the needed files in the latest update I have available to me. I just need some guidance on which ones to replace because my unit will not do the auto replace feature as it should........ Probably due to a missing file or a incorrect file in the unit. Thank you! Chris
  6. X920BT has "Program Startup Error"

    Hello all once again! I am still working on my X920BT that was bricked during a firmware update sent to me by Pioneer. Since then I have managed to get it to respond to a number of attempts, bricked it numerous times and recovered it to a point where I can reliably get it into test mode without it shutting down on its own in the middle of making changes. I can also get it to recognize programs such as Condi's Hack Mode, Super Test Mode and that's about it. During startup it will go to splash screen and then go black with the words Program Startup Error. It will allow me to put it in test mode and from there I have full access to all files. I have done a number of things to attempt recovering the unit to a point where I can use it once again but no luck. My ultimate desire would be to update the unit to something above 2.0. I believe I need to find a way to rewrite all the files on the unit to start fresh. I am not sure if this is even possible so suggestions are welcome. If I have already tried a suggestion, I will let it be known. I warn though, I have tried so many different options that its getting discouraging. It acts like the Cardinfo file is not working as not one single update has worked. It also will not start an upload on its own and requires me to go into test mode to physically copy and paste each file. As mentioned, the only files that seem to work on their own and without me doing anything are the couple in the first paragraph. You help is greatly appreciated! Chris
  7. X920-bt booting problem

    You may ask the guys in Hack/Mods section. I imagine they are going to tell you to put one of the firmware files they have on the unit. I am kindof in the same boat. My unit only partially works.......
  8. X920-bt booting problem

    Man I went through this yesterday on mine. To at least recover it to a workable position I had to do the following. Upon startup hold down the Mode button and push track forward/back, forward/back, forward/back, forward/back. That should get you into the service menu. You can then go through there and look at logged errors. Once complete, go ahead and erase the errors. When done power down and restart after a short down period. That should at least get you rebooting to a good starting place. Cheers, Chris
  9. Hi all! I have been lurking around these forums for the last few months. Not until yesterday did I make an account so I could get some help...... After reading everything I can regarding the X920BT I am finding myself confused. I do not want to brick my unit again and I do not have my unit backed up as of yet. Below is a quick overview of what happen along with some of the issues I am having as well as questions on things I am confused on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will start with how this happen. About 6 months ago I went to Pioneer's website and ordered a firmware update package. Pioneer sent me a micro SD card with the file on it. I followed the instructions and loaded the firmware. Upon completion I restarted the unit. This was where the problems began. I suddenly got a fuzzy screen upon booting the system which was followed by a screen full of black and white lines running horizontally across the screen. At this point the unit was dead to me with no response to anything I seemed to try. On occasion the unit would start up and get stuck on the splash screen but it would not respond to any commands given. This was when I started reading and reading and reading until my eyes were bleeding. After finding out that others had the same problem it was determined the system was fed a corrupt firmware file and would most likely require being sent back to Pioneer. As much as I hated the idea I went ahead and got it packed up and ready. It may be good to mention that I have been in the 12V business working for multiple professional shops since 1996 and hold a MECP Advanced certification. This gave me the ability to be closer to manufacture reps as well as what I believed would benefit me in getting the work complete with no hassle. I was WRONG!!!........ Pioneer could give two squats about who I knew, what I have done or where I worked. They told me they would not warranty the unit due to its age regardless of the fact the corrupt firmware came from them. So back to square one again....... Last night I decided to say screw this and dig some more on info. I found a pile of really good threads regarding hacks and mods some of the members have been working on. One of the threads I found was Condi's Hack Mode which had a good list of information and directed me through some of the other issues people have had and/or advanced abilities of the unit. What I found was that I had no idea what I was doing........... Suck to admit but it is what it is......... So I figured I would break down and ask with hope that others here could help walk me through the processes I need to complete. Lets start with where the unit is currently sitting regarding its status......... As of right now I have the unit recovered and for the most part working as expected. BUT I lost my CD/DVD function as the unit will draw the CD/DVD in but immediately will try and spit it out. It bounces back in forth pushing and pulling the CD in and out of the slot for a few seconds....... Only thing I can come up with is that its again not working with all the files needed or it has a corrupt firmware. Problem is, I do not know how to 1. backup my current info and 2. what file and how to update the unit. I am currently running the following: Platform Version 2.000 App Version 2.003 Version 02.0000 BT Firmware 3.11 Mecha Version I just want to update so I can have full function of my unit again. It would also be great to update the maps if possible. Here is what I need step by step instructions on if anybody is willing to help. 1. Locate all update files needed to fix this unit. 2. Instruction on how to backup whatever is needed prior to update. 3. Instruction on how to update firmware properly 4. Update or upgrade to any advanced programs you think I should go for. Such as upgrading to X930BT-X940BT firmware. (Only IF its something that is worth doing) I was pleased with the unit prior to it being rendered useless with exception of the navigation map being out of date, so upgrading is not particularly necessary beyond the Nav Maps. If there is any further information required from me please let me know. I will be glad to give whatever info is needed to get this accomplished. Thank you in advance! Chris McNair