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  1. Beyond audio bitrates, I find there is a difference between listening to low quality .mp3 (even if ripped at 320 which is the new max that iTunes will do) and listening to FLAC if you have a quality setup. I'm running Focal mids and tweets with a JL amp and 12" JL sub. I can diffentitely hear the difference. I ripped all of my music to Apple Lossless (Apple's proprietary FLAC) for my iPod Classic and straight FLAC for my USB flash drive. Alot of people debate this, but in my experience there's a difference. If you want a good converter check out dBpowerAmp. I rarely buy software, but
  2. The "cancel route" button works fine for me. I am able to cancel routes without any problem, however, as previously mentioned, it's in the dumbest and most inconvient location ever. I've been using my 8000 for awhile now. I think I own #247. I would send it in. It is likely a hardware issue. Hope that helps !
  3. Hi Ron, Thanks for the advice. It appears that you were right ! It hadn't left the shop since the install, and after driving around tonight it appears that screensaver is no more. Thanks again !
  4. Hi All, My first post to the forums ! I had a look around first, it's very cool to see an entire site dedicated to the AVIC line. My issue: I recently had a bypassed AVIC-Z150BH installed in my Xterra. My installer noticed that the Pioneer screensaver was coming on continually after a few minutes of inactivity. Since there is no mention of a screensaver in the manual nor online, I'm assuming it has something to do with the bypass putting the system into "test Mode"? Similar to the demo mode that would display their revolving ads on display units. Since there are tons of videos
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