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  1. Thanks for the good news. I'll hold off upgrading my app radio 3 until wireless car play is supported in App Radio 4 or 5
  2. CarPlay Update from carstereochick.com

    As a current AppRadio 3 owner I have questions about switching to a NEX CarPlay system in the near future. 1) Will CarPlay and the ability to listen to audio only work while connected via lightening cable? (does CarPlay "take over" so to speak like AppRadio does) The reason I ask is, I use a battery case, and would rather not have to remove it, each time I get into my car. I'm perfectly happy using the microUSB cable to change and having audio play via bluetooth. In the past, this has been less than ideal for AppRadio. Non-standard audio apps will play fine over bluetooth, but AppRadio ready apps go silent when not plugged into Lightning. (Pandora, MixTrax etc) 2) Is there a real benefit to having a 2nd screen any more? The new iPhone 6 Plus is plenty big on it's own, and you don't have to worry about a secondary interface getting in the way.
  3. Do we even need AppRadio once we have an iPhone 6 Plus? The screen is plenty big. I'm thinking of Ditching the AppRadio all together soon. Trying to get the second screen to behave in an easy to use reliable way seems hopeless. It's always been more annoying than helpful if I'm honest. Never works smoothly.
  4. Apple launches carplay

    I hope so! http://modmyi.com/showthread.php?t=835626
  5. Mic volume too low

    I've had a weak microphone for the last few months. People hated talking to me while I was driving around via appradio 3 so many phone calls were cut short. They said it sounded like water was sloshing around in the background. I have a convertible but the top was always up. The mic is placed in the upper left of the windshield for more others have it. This is an easy fix. (after I finally learned) I didn't notice the setting right in front of my face the whole time. I had Vol (Volume) set to medium(2 bars) instead of high (3 bars) Are people saying the Mic is too low even with max mic vol setting?
  6. I was just at the CES in Vegas. I brought up the problem of not being able to use MixTrax via A2DP to the head Pioneer guy there. I even showed him via a real time demo. It was a bitch to find pair my iPhone via bluetooth with 100's of devices around but I got it to work. He was like wow I didn't know about this, and thanked me for reporting it.
  7. This was post only 2 pages ago on 135, please read a bit before thinking you're the only one asking for this http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/34188-appradio-extensions-20-beta-full-iphone-control/?p=274307 We are all eagerly awaiting to enjoy app radio extensions once again.
  8. Where's the 2014 CES section to talk about NEX? http://www.engadget.com/2014/01/06/pioneer-unveils-nex/
  9. Sweet it really is a happy new year.
  10. I'm not sure if this was already a feature, but I'd like to ask and or request it. I'd like to be able to play MixTrax app via Blue Tooth audio while the Lightening plug isn't plugged in. Right now if I try to play MixTrax, I get no audio at all. I think the App Radio is trying to force it down the cable, and I can't play it even via iPhone speaker. If bluetooth is enabled and connected the back end AppRadio takes over. The reason I want this is, I use a battery case with micro USB charging. I found myself using this more often than not, so I haven't been using the Lightening connectivity as often as I used to. So basically I'm looking for a way to disable the app radio connection while not plugged in via Lightning. (and use generic blue tooth stereo only) Is this possible for AppRadio Extensions to autodetect if we are plugged into lightning or now, and or fake out MixTrax to work? It sux that I finally started liking MixTrax and now it doesn't work unless I take my iphone out of the battery case, and plug in lightning.
  11. http://modmyi.com/content/13254-mobile-substrate-0-9-5000-released-support-ios-7-arm64.html One step closer
  12. Now that the new iOS 7.04 Jailbreak is out, can we expect AppRadio Extensions to be made iOS 7 compatible soon? http://modmyi.com/content/13169-how-jailbreak-your-ios-7-x-idevice-evasi0n-7.html Does AppRadio Extensions reply on Mobile Substrate? If so I guess there is a short delay in getting a fully compatible Mobile Substrate but it's on the way soon. I'm looking forward to having AppRadio Extension once again EDIT I thought the posts above were pre-jailbreak news looks like you're already on it
  13. I finally got around to updating mine tonight. Since I have the Bypass I noticed that the Update firmware line was greyed out. (even with hand brake on) It only became active after I launched AppRadio app on my iPhone 5S and connected the HDMI Adapter. My actual Lightening USB plug is inserted into a seperate hard wired 3A USB Power Port I had installed.(for faster charging) This means the USB Port of my AR3 is free/open. I placed the FAT32 formatted USB Memory stick with file at the root, and it worked.
  14. http://modmyi.com/content/12729-popular-waze-gps-app-ios-updated-voice-search-other-improvements.html Popular Waze GPS App for iOS Updated With Voice Search and Other Improvements Published on 11-06-2013 06:45 AM On Wednesday, the highly popular Waze GPS application for iOS has been updated, bringing the application up to version 3.7.6. Waze touts over 50 million users, all of which can work as a team to report issues on the road and help improve the driving experience for everyone by warning everyone of what's to come. Google acquired Waze back in June of this year. Wednesday’s update to the application brings the ability to use your voice to search for addresses and locations that you want to navigate to. What’s more is Waze’s voice input supports over 45 different languages. This can be helpful while you're on the go because you can simply talk to Waze about where you want to go instead of using all of your attention to manually type in addresses that you want to navigate to. The Waze application has also been given improved support for iOS 7, and improved settings with a new help section and improved control over sound alerts that the application might give you. General bug fixes have also been added to make the application run as smoothly as possible for all users. Existing users of the Waze application for iOS will find the update under the Updates tab in the App Store for free. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of Waze for iOS for free from this App Store link for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Sources: App Store