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  1. 2017 v7 Mod: Nag Screen Removal Z, X, and F series

    In an attempt to give back instead of continually freeloading, here is a modification of RonS' ShortFuse script coupled to the patched Navi.exe in post #2 that was used successfully on a Z110BT after upgrading to the 2017 v7 US/Can Navi Maps.. . Instructions (almost verbatim, just copy&pasted with appropriate edits). Held off directly attributing the post, lest anyone mistakenly tries to hold him liable: "Here is the easy way to install the NoNag hack with no TestMode, editing or patching involved. Moderator note: WARNING: Only run this script if you are already running v7.0 firmware (2017 maps). I did a binary file comparison between US and EU (v7.0) NAVI.EXE and they are identical. So these files may also work for F series units. Since the original files are copied to the SD, if there is a problem you can manually un-do this using TestMode. You could also copy the V7 NAVI.EXE from the 2017 update files. Just download this attached zip, unzip, and copy the 3 files to the root of a blank fat32 formatted SD. When you insert it into your AVIC it runs a script that will backup both your existing Navi.exe files, then overwrite them with a patched one." When you insert the SD, it will prompt you to press any key (button) to continue - or - turn off the ignition to abort. If you decide to abort, just turn off and on your unit - then eject the SD. Nothing on your unit will have changed." Same rules apply: Contains the special scripting-specific version of TESTMODE.KEY Deletes the TESTMODE.KEY immediately after initialization to avoid overwriting the original Navi.exe back-ups created on the SD from the unit itself (labeled Navi.ex0 & Navi.ex1), if the card is left in or reinserted again. Can't hold me liable either. Navi_NoNag_Script.zip
  2. Hey RonS, Is the shortfusescript.zip attachment in your post still live? I'm getting this message when clicking to download: "The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1", even though I had no issue downloading the z110bt***cardinfo.zip from another post of yours. As echoed by many other users on this forum, thanks again for all that you and the other contributing members do for the community!