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  1. Carplay or Appradio?

    Can the AVIC-5201NEX do both if the AppRadio cable is installed?
  2. Will AppRadio be compatible with iOS 9? Owners of earlier AppRadio units have had issues with iOS upgrades in the past, causing long waits to regain functionality.
  3. iOS 8 workaround

    Even though I could have the AppRadio 1 connect via Bluetooth to the iOS 8 phone for hands free?
  4. iOS 8 workaround

    I figured I'd Bluetooth to the iOS 8 iPhone 4s but run all other functions off the wifi linked SIM card less 4s. Would apps like Motion-x GPS drive be able to download its maps with this set up?
  5. Trying to determine the feasibility of using a dedicated iPhone 4s running iOS 7.1.2, jail broken without SIM card, connected via wifi to an iPhone 4s running iOS 8 acting as a hotspot.