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  1. Change splash screen on AVIC-8000NEX???

    Anyone aware if another format is supported? The home screen obviously is using video or gif or something as there is motion, so I assume another format is supported for at least the home screen??? Anyone know?
  2. Wow! Well, thank you for finding that in the manual. I guess that explains it, but doesn't really satisfy me. Reality is, it makes no sense. Why would they disable rear video just because I am using Carplay? This completely kills my wife's ability to play movies for the kids in the back of the car while using Carplay for nav, messages, phone, etc... If I'm guessing, and I completely am guessing. I would say Apple is disabling that functionality as part of Carplay safety. What they are ignoring is rear seat entertainment, which makes perfect sense to allow during Carplay. Someone is an idiot.
  3. Change splash screen on AVIC-8000NEX???

    Formatted at 800x400 and it worked perfect.
  4. Tried a few more things tonight. When iPhone is connected, ALL sources for rear are disabled except DVD/CD. If I go into setting and disable Carplay, the sources immediately become available. If I change Smartphone connection from USB-1 to Bluetooth (basically disabling CarPlay), the sources become available for rear again. This problem only seems to exist for the rear. With iPhone connected and Carplay on, I can play movies from the SD card to the front seat (Main unit, AVIC-8000NEX) I have done the override for this unit. I have not tried to turn the override off and see if that resolves any of this as I can't imagine how that might make a difference. Does anyone have any ideas on this topic? My wife wants to be able to use Carplay and play videos for our girls in the back seat at the same time from SD. FYI, I upgraded firmware to 1.10 right after installing. HELP!
  5. Change splash screen on AVIC-8000NEX???

    I'll try that resolution tonight and see how it works. Thanks!
  6. Just finished my install of an AVIC-8000NEX unit. Anyone know how to change the splash screens to my own pictures? I tried the simple thing, put JPG's on an SD card, but they came up with a circle and a line through them. Must not be the right format.
  7. Yes, I chose "Rear" and then go to choose SD and it is greyed out. But, you are right, it shouldn't be. Check it out on yours and see what you get. Only having this for a couple of days, I haven't had the time to evaluate phone audio through BT versus USB. I guess I should check it out. The biggest reason I use carplay is messages. I use the phone about 1% of the time and text 99%, so having Siri read the text messages and using her to reply all through the interface on the screen is fantastic. Once it's unplugged, I lose text notifications on my head unit and have to rely on my hearing the phone buzz. Thanks
  8. 8100Nex with Apple TV and dual zone to back monitor

    Good to know. I'll give it a shot. Thanks!
  9. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    Confirming, hooked up AVIC-8000NEX to my 2011 Traverse with rear seat entertainment. Connected wires per diagrams. Performed bypass and it works perfect. I have only tried video, not typing in address's on NAV or other options yet. Did NOT need to ground parking brake.
  10. Just finished my install this weekend of an AVIC-8000NEX into my 2011 Traverse XL with Rear Seat Entertainment and Bose Sound. I got everything working and LOVE this deck, but I'm having one very annoying issue. I have loaded videos on an SD card and I play them to the rear seat entertainment system. This works fantastic and is so much easier than dealing with DVD's, but as soon as I plug in my iPhone (USB-1, carplay), the movie stops playing the the SD option in the source menu turns grey. Interestingly enough, if I'm playing music from the SD card and do the exact same thing, the music keeps playing and the SD card remains as an option in the source menu. I find this very frustrating as my wife is driving two 5-year old's around and wants to play videos while doing so. Guess what? She'd also like to have her phone connected and be able to use the Carplay features that I bought this deck for in the first place. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on this? Thanks!
  11. 8100Nex with Apple TV and dual zone to back monitor

    2 questions from this: 1.) I thought 32GB SD was the largest supported??? (I have an 8000NEX) 2.) Playing movies from SD to rear screen works fantastic, but as soon as I plug in my iPhone, movie stops. SD option becomes very in selectable sources. Here's the odd thing, if I'm playing music from SD card and plug in my iPhone, music continues fine and SD as a source is NOT greed out. Why would videos from SD become a non-option just because the iPhone is connected? I want carplay available while playing movies for kids in the back seat.
  12. I think I'm out of luck till iOS 7. Luckily, that's not too far off. http://www.iphoneforums.net/forum/iphone-jailbreaking-17/there-tethered-jailbreak-6-1-4-iphone-5-a-57517/ http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20130724124535AACwuEt
  13. Just got Appradio 3 installed and ran across this thread. Pretty sure I would 'kill' to be able to use App Extensions. Going to ask what is probably a dumb newbie question, but I could not find my answer quickly on here. I have an iPhone 5 with 6.1.4. I think I'm screwed, aren't I? It appears there is no jailbreak for 6.1.4 and it appears Apple has locked down the ability to go backwards. Can someone please confirm this for me or let me know if there might be a way to do this? Thanks!