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  1. UPDATE after 3 uploads of fx3, and tried hybrid 4.01 twice, I noticed my steering wheel controls were not working. I removed the avic from the dash and found that the adaptor swi ips our whatever model it is, was unplugged from the white connector but still plugged in to the rear of the unit. Fixed it all up. Added tape to prevent it from falling again. Everything back to normal with a new hybrid 4.0 update.
  2. I just did the update to Fx3.1, went smoothly, test ran everything, all seemed fine untill i tried to change the volume on the radio, the volume would adjust but ALSO scroll thru presets on the FM and stay scrolling until it was clicked left or right. deleted all files from my disk drive, re installed fx3 onto my 7010bt, and it did the same thing again. I just sat here and scrolled thru about 50+ pages of threads but only 2 mentioned this issue and none had any resolve answers. Please help. I used fx3.1 with fresh format fat32 16gig SD micro Sd with adaptor, unit work before to install
  3. Forgot i had this post, i ended up buying another 7010bt off ebay from out of state for the wifes car. Now just having update issues.
  4. got my radio ripped off my wife's vehicle last night. Please if you come across an avic-f7010bt serial ending in 2888. Please contact me 773 95four 92eight1. police report has been made. thank you.
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