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  1. IPhone 5 Lightning Adapter, Does it Work?

    Can anyone confirm that the d3, CD-I200, lightning adapter, and the iPhone 5s (iOS 7) work? I planning to order the CD-I200 cable, plus the converter adapter from Apple. I have the knock off iPod cable connect to my d3, but my d3 doesn't even recognize my old 4 running on IOS 7. It used to work when I was running in iOS 6.
  2. I need help with my avic d3. My screen goes blank after the "please wait starting system" message pops up. It all started last winter 2012. Sometimes it would work after a quick warm up and restart. But now it just stopped working and we are almost at the end of the summer. Things I've done to troubleshoot: 1) hit the reset button a few times but no affects 2) removed the radio and disconnect all wires re-installed everything but still nothing. 3) and finally I opened up the whole unit removed screws for the LCD panel unit, detached ribbon cable from LCD panel. At this point the whole lcd panel was detached from the unit itself. I re-installed everything and I started getting a message "an error occurred please turn off and on". The radio would restart and the same massage appeared. I knew I installed the ribbon cable incorrectly. So I reopened the unit re-installed the ribbon cable and back to the same problem THE SCREEN GOES BLANK after the message "please wait starting system" If anyone can help me fix my problem I would appreciate it.I will be posting some pictures or a video of what's happening if it possible.