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Found 6 results

  1. Okay two years and another release for all these machines. Last time i bought the software and spread the wealth this time i need help as my situation has changed . I firstly need to buy the software with the highest donator getting the original pack and the unused key, Everybody else will get the software for free every Euro , Dollar or pound will help my payal me address is paypal.me/salsatnav I will keep you in the loop with daily updates till we reach £125 then i will post it here for FREE have a feeling Rons Shortfuse hack will do it again Lets all help each other
  2. My AVIC-F920BT after a successful update (2015 maps, version:6) has a special issue of radio receiver. Sometimes (without pressing any button, or the touch panel) the radio receiver CHANGES from FM to AM. Manually I can change back to FM and the FM station remains the same as it was before. I disconnected the steering wheel remote controls, but the failure remained. What could be the reason? -Touch panel ? -RDS-TMC tuner (CXE2176) ? -Software ? Thank you for any advice !
  3. I discovered that my F920BT worked perfectly and didn't restart (reboot) when I started the car. It never had updated the firmware, but today I updated the firmware to the latest version (2.00300) published by Pioneer. My surprise was that after the firmware update my AVIC F520BT restarts (reboot) when I turn on my car. How can I do a downgrade to know if the error is the firmware ???? Has someone had the same error ???? Thanks.
  4. Hi Guys, I need some urgent help if possible! I've just sold my F920BT which was working perfect in my Mk6 Golf. The new buyer has fitted it into a sprinter van but said there is issues with the screen flickering - I told him to take it to my guy who does all my screen wiring and he has said that the wiring is perfect. The system turns on fine and works for about 1min or less, then after that the screen just keeps flickering but we have been unable to identify why or how to fix it.. Any idea's would really be appreciated.
  5. Hi guys, Is there any option to upgrade my AVIC-F920bt to 3.0 version? I'm from Poland so I need European Maps... Most of all I want new firmware features, not exactly newer maps (but it will be nice )... Thanks for your help !
  6. Hey everyone, I have a AVIC F920BT unit that I connect via bluetooth to my android phone running 4.2.1. I used to be able to control the music player on android (google music, probably other apps worked too - not sure) using the hardware buttons on the avic unit ( << and >> ) so I could start playing music or skip to the previous/next song. It would also show song info onscreen about the current playing song. This doesn't work anymore, and I wonder what the reason is.. could be new android 4.2? In bluetooth music section on the avic unit, it doesn't work when I press con
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