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  1. Hey Pionara, is it possible to only upgrade BT firmware ? Or would that break the functionality...
  2. Hey, since I'm having BT issues when connected to an Android phone (does not show mp3info etc) I would like to update the BT firmware. Would updating BT firmware without updating the rest work? I'm on v3.0 now with BT firmware 3.22.
  3. Oh nice I'll give it a try! Don't think I have that update yet... Thnx for the help
  4. Hey everyone, I have a AVIC F920BT unit that I connect via bluetooth to my android phone running 4.2.1. I used to be able to control the music player on android (google music, probably other apps worked too - not sure) using the hardware buttons on the avic unit ( << and >> ) so I could start playing music or skip to the previous/next song. It would also show song info onscreen about the current playing song. This doesn't work anymore, and I wonder what the reason is.. could be new android 4.2? In bluetooth music section on the avic unit, it doesn't work when I press con
  5. Hey Diaftia, Could you upload the screenshots of your mod to another host ? The current one is down. A sample video would be nice too. Cheers!
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