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Found 11 results

  1. Hi. I have also this famous reboot error with an F860BT. It comes up with the spash screen and then just shows loading for a couple of minutes until it reboots again. What would be the best way to overcome this? (EU Version please). Thank you!
  2. I recently installed an AVIC-W8500NEX receiver in my 2015 Toyota Highlander. Most of the time it functions normally except every 30-90 minutes it will spontaneously shut down and reboot. I have checked all wiring, updated the firmware to the latest version (1.03) and reset the microprocessor, all to no avail. Anyone else have this problem? Pioneer tech support was essentially useless. They believe the unit is defective and that I need to exchange it (what a nightmare it will be to uninstall everything - still waiting to hear from the vendor).
  3. I discovered that my F920BT worked perfectly and didn't restart (reboot) when I started the car. It never had updated the firmware, but today I updated the firmware to the latest version (2.00300) published by Pioneer. My surprise was that after the firmware update my AVIC F520BT restarts (reboot) when I turn on my car. How can I do a downgrade to know if the error is the firmware ???? Has someone had the same error ???? Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone, I have an F900bt unit, i tried to upgrade it through pioneer official support web, so i downloaded the v4.001000 with cnsd-200 and i ran it in the avic without checking the current version before, an error ocurred at the end of the load and since then, the unit reboots at 4 minutes, the message "iniatializing...." doesnt disappear and im not allowed to enter settings or maps, just av section, which seems to work before systems reboot at 4 minutes. ive been reading and trying some things, but not being an expert i dont want to screw up again. Could someone help sho
  5. Hi guys, I just got an x930, not sure what happened to it but it says it has no applicable program. I have searched through this forum and I found a few answers that were kind of helpful yet confusing, I am able to boot into testmode with the download links that I found in the 2.1 version, I only downloaded the v1.4 and the update. Now I need to know what I have to do to make it work, preferably without too much confusion. Thank you for your assistance
  6. Hi My f900bt starts to reboot when it get warm. First time was last winter when I take in warm air, if I take in cold air it helps... Same problem in the summer AC helps a little bit but it isn't always enough. My f900bt restarts whitout stoping och pausing the musik (radio/line in) Anyone with similar problems? Getting realy annoyed and will soon return to my cars origianl stereo... / Oscar
  7. Hello all, I have two vehicles now, both with Pioneer AVIC units, one of which is AVIC X930BT (The one in my new car is a similar unit, but I'd have to dig for the exact model number) Both units are expirencing the same issue. After a seemingly random amount of time playing audio from an SD card, the unit will spontaniously reboot. The system will return, but as soon as it attempts to read the SD card again, it will reboot until the sdcard is removed, or the unit is switched to another source. Additional info: - This has happened on both units numerous times, so it is not an issue iso
  8. my avic f900bt went dead and showed me a black screen on which i couldnt do anything. i have tried so many posts, followed them but nothing seems to work. my system is now on v.3 but system startup n process' doesn't go and then after like 5mins it reboots. please help me i dont know what to do its making me insane and wasting so much of my time. please help me
  9. I have the nortorious problem with the f900bt unit. The constant reboot. Ive read so many threads on this forum to try and fix it myself but nothing is working thus far, so I'm hoping somone could help me out a little more in depth. Heres what Ive done so far, when i first got the stereo off a friend, it would reboot for 20 sec then shut off. I updated the firmware to V2.00600 then later to V2.00800. Now heres my existing problem, it doesnt shut off anymore, its just a constant reboot from the splashscreen, however I can push menu and it takes me there. BUT... i only have limited use of it
  10. Hey everyone, so I've searched around the forums and read a bunch of posts before succumbing to writing one myself. I have a Pioneer F90bt that I've had for about 2 years. I have no mods or hacks to it, and about 2 months ago it randomly started rebooting itself constantly over 20 mph. I tried the update to 2.008, it updated successfully but it didn't help the rebooting issue. I downloaded the testmode files and the backup files onto 2 separate SD cards I inserted the sd card with the testmode files and it wouldn't go into testmode. I reformatted the sd card for both ms dos (FAT) and mac o
  11. Hey Guys, I've read through the reboot fixes and my issue seems to be a bit different. My unit will reboot at anytime, using the Pioneer map update (V3 update) sd card, testmode even the bootloader menu (menu+map+eject). I've disconnected everything possible that is not needed for bootup to make sure something else wasn't the issue. No luck. It just reboots all the time. I has been back to Pioneer 3 times and they always say there is nothing wrong with the unit. Strangely enough, the unit works fine for about 2 months after I get it back and starts acting up again. Any help would
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