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Found 10 results

  1. I force installed 1.11 version update on F970bt/NEX5100 though testmode_a and since then it has started asking for password. It wont boot into testmode or any developer mode anymore. Have tried different USBs. Even removed the head unit and accessed the internal card but since i couldnt read it, i made a new SD card with F970DAB image file on the Backup forum, It was stuck on boot loop. Please help anyone!
  2. I pulled my 4100NEX today to replace the Android cable to try to get it to work with Android Auto. I have a new Samsung Note9 phone with a USB-C connector, and I've read that the phones are fussy about what kind of cables you use for Android Auto. I tried a couple that I had around the house last week and they didn't work, so I picked up a couple different USB 3.1 Gen 2 cables last night. I pulled the radio out of the dashboard, and when I turned it on, it seemed to take a little longer on the Loading screen. It then went to the Warning screen, but I get no response to hitting OK. Can't get p
  3. Hello Forum! I have an AVIC 8000NEX with firmware 1.15(i think, not 100%) and I've been stuck in a boot loop on the loading screen for a couple days... I used the reset button to no avail and I tried to use NORflashbackup but that didn't work. Now I'm trying to find a copy of Testkey_A so that I can see if I can recover anything... I'm pretty sure the California Heat killed my internal SD card. I have a bunch lying around but don't really want to open this box and explore as I do not have $$$ to purchase another unit, lol. I've tried joining the chat but I get an application error on
  4. Long time lurker first time poster. I have a 6100 thats just over a year old. Everything worked great on Tuesday but Wednesday morning it was stuck at the loading screen. I can't tell if its in a continuous loop or if the screen is frozen. The rear camera still works when you go into reverse there is still power at the USB no buttons work reset button just does the same thing, (NEX screen then loading screen and stuck "loading...") Searching I have not found any other occurences of this is there a way to install firmware or a system resotore via USB without navigating throug
  5. Hi all long time lurker first time poster. As you all know the new car play update came out for out units recently. I went to run the update from usb drive in usb 1 and it went through the process up to the point were it reboots and ever since its suck in that recovery ( black screen white text ) ever since. Have tried other usbs, different formating, re downloaded firmware, micro sd, other usb port, nothing seems to fix it, All it will do is say reading this may take awhile then it says failed. If I hit the home button to try again it shows 1.01 --> 1.01 and 0% as soon as it hits 1% it ins
  6. Hello all - first post. Recently my backup camera began acting strangely. The symptom is that the camera will come on when I enter reverse, but when I shift to drive the camera stays on. This worked for almost a year perfectly before this new symptom. Also, tell tale signs that something has changed - This seemed (keyword) to occur when Android Auto required an very recent update on the phone side. I know the two aren't technically connected, but it is coincidental. BTW - all this happened in the last 30 days or so. The screen on the backup camera used to be just the view of the came
  7. Just installed a 8200 and it is stuck in camera mode, I am uploading a YouTube video right now and will link in the comments, I have tried everything any suggestions sint be frowned upon. Thank you.
  8. Hello, I have an AVIC-F700BT, installed in a Volkswagen Golf 6 since 2009. It was working correctly, but 2 days ago, after a short (5 minutes) break (with the car powered off), it doesn't want to start. It is stuck on the boot screen (with Pioneer and Navgate logos, see picture below). I tried some things : Restart after some hour without power (the car powered off in my parking) Push "reset" button for 5 seconds (without and with power) Re-install the system with the files for updates, provided on Pioneer website (first for the version 3.xxx, then for the version 4.xxx, but I don't kno
  9. What's up guys, so after over a month of trying to figure out how to actually install this Z2, I got it in, to find that some of the dam buttons don't work.... The volume button doesn't change anything. And I noticed that they feel like they stick, and sometimes pushing them they don't even make a click type of reaction a button would do. Also the button to the right of the volume worked "selectively" when it wanted to... Not every time.. It's odd. Also the button at the very end, right side, does nothing when I press it, again like I said sorry I'm very new to this double din world, and have
  10. my avic f900bt went dead and showed me a black screen on which i couldnt do anything. i have tried so many posts, followed them but nothing seems to work. my system is now on v.3 but system startup n process' doesn't go and then after like 5mins it reboots. please help me i dont know what to do its making me insane and wasting so much of my time. please help me
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