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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all, Apologies to the forum for busting in here with my first post asking a favor without the ability to offer help to the community. I have searched FSM's on NICO and ClubFrontier, but I'm still unclear about this confounding VSS wire. So, there's a light blue wire in the OE stereo harness. Some say I can wire to that, while others say unless I had the speed sensitive volume control (like on the Rockford Fosgate system) that's the wrong wire. . Others state I have to look for a light blue wire on the instrument cluster plug. Also, am I splicing into it (piggy backing with a Scotch lock) or removing the pin from (either) harness? I can't imagine it wouldn't just be a piggyback. TIA, great forum, looking forward to participating here.
  2. Hi Everybody, I recently got a car with the F900 no Maps version in It and its slow and out of date. Is thee any way that i Can update the firmware to 3.0 and get some recent 2012/13 Maps Euro on It. I saw that theRe Were Instructions on this site But It was a bit confusing because i dont know anything about an avic and non of the links are working. If somebody could help me that Would be great!
  3. Moved my z110 to my wife's car today, unit sat powerless for about 2 weeks. everything hooked up and upon power up the unit is requiring a password. I have tried "passwordpassword" several times with no luck. also tried putting in 16 1's, or 0's, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6, still no luck. I purchased the 2010 upgrade before I knew about this site and tried the password from that but that didnt work either. also, I did the 2011 upgrade via this site too. can anyone help? leaving on a trip friday afternoon, would really like this to work. Mike as a side note I would like to mention I have the following connected. XM receiver, iPod cable, BT Mic, Rear view cam, GPS, axxess aswc-1 (steering wheel control interface). only thing new is the swc interface, everything else was installed and used flawlessly on my FJ Cruiser....
  4. TeleAtlas 2012 Q1 Maps for Europe For USA/Canada see: Navteq 2011 Q4 (Released in 2012) Maps for the United States & Canada I have tested this on my AVIC F-9110 BT with firmware (3.x), the maps are fully functional on my unit. This should also work for the F700 and up. Not sure about the F500. I haven't updated to firmware 4 yet but this should work for firmware 4.x as well. Instructions: Download the files below Extract them to the root of your SD card Insert SD card with only the folders from the ZIP file in the root Boot the unit in testmode (if you have the testmode folder in the root this will happen automagically) Make a complete backup of the flashdrive! (Instructions) Verify your backup is correct and copy this over to you PC so you have 2 backups. Go into the iGo/CONTENT folder. On my unit this folder is located in the APL2 folder. Delete the MAP, POI and LICENSE folders Copy the MAP, POI and LICENSE folders from the SD card to the flashdrive of your unit Copy the EZRIDER.EXE to the iGo folder, replacing the file already there Now reboot the unit, remove the SD card and enjoy the latest maps Links are interchangable (parts are the same). Rapidshare (Uploaded 7/10/2012) https://rapidshare.c...2012.Q1.zip.004 https://rapidshare.c...2012.Q1.zip.007 https://rapidshare.c...2012.Q1.zip.002 https://rapidshare.c...2012.Q1.zip.003 https://rapidshare.c...2012.Q1.zip.008 https://rapidshare.c...2012.Q1.zip.006 https://rapidshare.c...2012.Q1.zip.005 https://rapidshare.c...2012.Q1.zip.001 https://rapidshare.c...2012.Q1.zip.009 Uploaded.to (Uploaded 7/10/2012) Still uploading... Usenet (Uploaded 7/10/2012) Download the attached ZIP file for the NZB If you messed up your unit just get back into testmode and restore the files you backed-up. Enjoy your new maps Cheers, Bento NTQ_2012.Q1.zip.zip testmode.zip
  5. Group Purchase of 2012 Upgrades

    What happened to the list of people that agreed to purchase the 2012 updates?
  6. The new updates are released! http://www.navigation.com/pioneer/eu Now let's wait for the downloads
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and this is actually my first post; I've seen how you've been helping a lot of people with questions and now I have one of my own and I hope you can help me... I currently have a AVIC-F700BT (love it still) but I'm feeling like it's time to upgrade soon, I've been looking at the X930BT and really like all the new features, so my actual question is should go for it or wait for the next generation to come out. I'd hate to invest over $600 and just a couple months later find out that I could've waited a little longer and get the newest one. What do you guys recommend? and if you recommend to go with the X930BT, how have been your experience with it so far? Thanks so much