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  1. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    I just posted in another thread about this & wondered if the 8200 has the same configuration as my 8100. The installation instructions direct to connect the green wire to the powered side of the parking brake switch, which is opposite from all the advice I received when having issues similar to yours. I abandoned the green wire and did the bypass as instructed in this section of this site. HTH Edit; I had similar issues when moving before boot and nag screen "OK" when my green wire was grounded.
  2. Firmware update headache

    You guys have me spooked. This thread is exactly what's keeping me from updating from 1.03, lol to 1.11. I remember receiving an email from Pioneer on September 2017 advising to keep iOS 10. I finally got my 8100NEX reinstalled recently and it's working ok. I just know if I try to update it'll fail. I think I successfully downloaded the update to an otherwise empty thumb drive & using iOS 12.1
  3. 8200 nex will not boot up

    I, too, do the same on my 8100NEX as it doesn't seem to like being fiddled with while it's booting. I've experienced the same black screen/no boot that happens occasionally.
  4. Parasitic Battery Drain - AVIC 8200 NEX

    (Sorry, long) Hi, I've had my 8100NEX since 2014 in a 2012 Nissan Frontier. There are no amps, cameras or a subwoofer attached. I did have the HDMI, an AUX headphone jack and the USB1 attached. The installation guide instructions directed me to attach the green wire to the *power* side of the parking brake switch (for obvious safety reasons during video playback). Meanwhile, everywhere I searched online at the time advised the green wire was to be grounded, so that's what I did. (I do wonder if one of the other attached wires was grounding to something in the dash.) It worked, albeit poorly for years with my iPhone 7 plus (?) I updated the first firmware/software, whatever but it didn't help much. Fast forward about 3 years & my truck started experiencing a rapid parasitic load that discharged 2 batteries overnight. (The original one and the replacement the next night). The receiver stopped booting up at all so I removed the fuse from the GEM/BCM under the hood. Finally, I removed the unit & was going to send it to Pioneer for requested repair. On advice from a scary smart friend, I reinstalled it, but abandoned the green ground wire. I removed all connections but the visor mic, 2 speakers, the antenna & USB1. I should note I *very* securely grounded the black wire to the dash structure. I tested the parasitic load with the radio fuse removed and it was .09 I then replaced the fuse, tested again and had the same reading. On advice from the same friend I pressed the factory reset. I've been using it all week and it works better than it ever has. I think I successfully downloaded & extracted the newest firmware 1.11 to a known, empty FAT 32 formatted thumb drive last weekend & I'm a little scared to update it at this time. Maybe I'll do it in a couple weeks, lol. Also, I did the bottom left screen bypass and it has been working, too, negating a need to do anything with the green wire. HTH
  5. Update 1.11 now available (Avicsync)

    Oh man, that's a Griswold kind of epic trip! I had three carseats in the back of my F150 SuperCrew (a six year old and three year old twins) and man, it was brutal going anywhere.
  6. AvicSync news

    Nevermind, the app store states the display has to be standard and doesn't work with zoom at this time.
  7. AvicSync news

    I downloaded the Avic Sync app to my iPhone 6 running 9.2. I have also downloaded the 1.05 to a thumb drive, but haven't loaded it to the 8100 yet. When I try to cruise around on the app on my phone, sitting in the house, the Yes/No information collecting prompt won't accept a yes or no and I can only see the bottom part of the paragraph explaining about the data collection. Anyone else have an error there?
  8. Auto EQ Adjustment - Does it help?

    My brother (lifetime friend) gave me a set of TS-A6969's. My truck comes with 6 speakers (2 in dash and one in each of the 4 doors). I understand & believe in "less is more" when it comes to other endeavours and in this case, it's true, too. On his advice, I defeated 4 of the 6 speakers, utilizing only the 6x9 TS-A6969's in the front doors. He asked me to install it and listen to various music, then perform the auto EQ. He didn't let on of what to expect, but knew I wasn't knowledgeable enough to tune it. However, I know what I like & the difference was truly exceptional. I tuned it in the garage, at night, following the instructions and I hung the mic on the driver's headrest. Once it starts, it gives you 10 seconds to get out of the vehicle and shut the door. I even made sure there was nothing in the rear passenger area that might throw off the adjustment. It goes through a couple different series of white noise and solid repeating "taps". Once it's done, IMHO, it made a distinctive difference in all around sound quality.
  9. Update 1.11 now available (Avicsync)

    << Is very cautiously optimistic...oh to hell with it...make that dubious.
  10. CarPlay keeps crashing NEX4000

    Don't want to jinx myself either, but so far so good here, too. I changed from HD radio to iphone music & then cd player. Got out to go in a convenience store, got back in & plugged the phone in without any special handling & it worked automatically. JCSoldier, if you're a drinking man, I'd be willing to send you a bottle of Goose, Crown, whatever.
  11. Iphone 6 and car play issues (no sound)

    Here's to hoping. If the mods want to delete my redundant thread, feel free.
  12. CarPlay keeps crashing NEX4000

    Oh man! Hopefully this will help me too. I skimmed over this thread when posting mine simply because the title was 4000. I already have a genuine lightning cord and I just disabled the functions listed here.
  13. 8100NEX v1.01 & iPhone 6 iOS v9.1 issues. (Sorry, long)

    Thanks to both of you for the replies, it's good to know I'm not alone, but we'd all rather spend time enjoying the units. I tried some changes in the last week. 1) Firmware update to 1.03 and iOS 9.2 2) Called Pioneer and they suggested I try another iPhone. I used my son's 5S & it works initially, but haven't tried using his phone for a day to see how it does with multiple trips (work, lunch, home) 3) I turned bluetooth off and had success with multiple trips on music, texts & handsfree calls. Is it normal to expect bluetooth to be off if plugged in instead? 4) I also tried not plugging the phone into an early build iPhone dock overnight for charging. There's some random disconnect that occurs when docked. I'm curious about the phone's status when plugging in the lightning cable on USB1. Sometimes I plug in with with a clean slate on the phone, other times I leave music in a tab open when plugging in. I'm trying to gather enough information from different trials to reach a favorable result.
  14. Hello all, newb here. I've been lurking for a bit and I'm not very tech savvy with A/V systems. I did an extensive amount of searching here, the owners manual & Google/YouTube for help and still not confident on how to proceed. I've seen there's updates for the 8000, but only map updates specifically for the 8100. I've read about a 1.03 and 1.08 and see a 1.10 on Pioneer's firmware support page. When I start the truck, I wait for the nag screen, "OK", then wait for the menu screen and map to load before moving. I haven't connected my VSS wire to the instrument cluster, but the parking brake wire is grounded. Once I connect my phone via the upper(?) USB socket, *sometimes* I can select music stored on my phone, Pandora, disc or HD radio. Other times, there's no sound on any setting, even though I can see the music progress timer counting. When this occurs, even if I unplug the phone and try to play music on the phone in my hand, there's no sound coming out of it either. Other times, like last night, the phone will emit a solid screeching tone and won't stop until I hard boot it with the home button and lock button depressed at the same time. Other times, the 8100 goes into a loading screen and will reboot itself 2 or 3 times before success. After that, I can connect it again and everything works, albeit I'm considering throwing the 8100 and the phone in the river in that I'm not going to reboot the phone and the 8100 every time I go somewhere. I'm currently only using the front two speakers with a Metra wiring kit (the other 4 speakers are defeated) and no amplifier or sub. TIA to anyone willing to read this and offer suggestions.