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Found 4 results

  1. I just had a 4000NEX deck installed thinking it was the 4100NEX with Android Auto. I realized my screwup and for now will have to live with it. When I first was playing with the deck and had my Android phone paired, there was a bluetooth menu and I could use other music players (Like PlayerFM) and it would show information on the NEX and allow me to control it through there. Now, no matter how hard I try and what settings I change, I can only get the Pandora integration to work. This is OK, because after I open Pandora I can open PlayerFM and it takes over, but Pandora is still on the screen on the NEX and I have to use my phone to control Player FM. Was I smoking something that made me think the Bluetooth menu was opened up, or what am I doing wrong that won't allow it to open up now?
  2. AVN 4100NEX Microphone Issues

    Hello everyone. Just had a 4100NEX installed. All was working well with the microphone. Only 2 days later, the microphone doesn't work. I'm not sure, but it seems to have happened when I updated my phone to iOS 8.4. But that wouldn't explain why the microphone doesn't work with the bluetooth Pioneer features, right? Do these microphones go out so easily? Or is there maybe a setting or something that controls the microphone? In my Jetta, the route for tucking the mic cable is hellacious and I'd hate to do it again. Thank you all for your help.
  3. Just got the 8100NEX this week and for the most part I'm loving it. Compared to the Kenwood unit it's replacing, the stock features are just miles above, even if the looks/controls are a little weird. Also taking a while to get used to the capacitive screen. iPod control is GREAT. Clicking on artist, album, and genre open up easy "related" searches. I love that if you choose a genre, you have the option to see all the albums in said genre. A-Z search is easy. It's very responsive (for reference, I use a 7G Classic, with a 240GB hard drive installed, 60GB left). And you don't need a special "iPod" cable unless you want video, which is the best thing about this upgrade. Though you have to use USB1 for iPhone/CarPlay, and USB2 for Android Auto, you can use a Classic in either USB port if you so wish. If you plug an Audio 3.5mm minijack into the AUX port, you can use it like the AUX audio-in that many cars have nowadays from the factory. Another bonus. Changing your background and splash images never was easier. AVRCP 1.4 with Bluetooth means I can browse my music on the phone (the ordering of the files is a little weird, though) through menus! AVIC models with the easy parking brake bypass (I hooked a T-Tap into the Pioneer radio harness, put a quick disconnector on the Parking Brake wire, and connected them easily. Then did the "SET ON" technique described in the pinned thread) REALLY sold this unit to me. When I decided on this unit, despite having 2 USB ports, I was thinking of using a hub to run USB1 both into the glovebox (using the provided extender) and into the center console (where the AUX port is). I have done this with an Inland branded USB 2.0 bus-powered hard, and for the most part I can plug into either port and use/charge the iPod. However, resume doesn't really work, because if anything is plugged into either port when the NEX powers on, it shows a "Incompatible USB" message, until I manually replug the item being used. Has anyone ever done something like this? I might default to using the center console port, just because the AUX is also there. I just like the ability to leave the iPod in the car without too much worry if I so wish, hence the use of a hub. USB 2, which is not using a hub, is working without issue. There are a few, minor negatives with this unit. - First, with an MSRP of 1400 (that isn't what I paid for it, btw)... why does Pioneer not include a double-DIN install kit? If I didn't already have these left over from the Kenwood, I would have been real mad. - The constant "nagging" message that you have to confirm every time you turn on the machine is just dumb. Wish there was a way to turn that off. - USB (non-iPod) reading/recognition is SLOOOOOOOOOW. - AppRadio eats da poo poo. Besides needing HDMI, it runs constantly on the phone and I can't quite get it to work. - Forget about Mirror Link.... wish they put more effort into this product.