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  1. AVICSync app

    Has anyone figured out how to update the maps to at least match what's on your Head Unit?
  2. The AVIC Development Mod

    The 4200 hasn't been patched yet, only the x000 with FW 1.07, 1.08 and 1.11 and the x100 with FW 1.05
  3. NavFusion Accessory

    This issue occurs if you have the AVICSYNC (connected features) turned on in Navigation Mode and don't have something that the USB Accessory (the head unit) can recognize as a launchable app. You can resolve it by redownloading AVICSYNC or whichever app launched from start when connected to your head unit. Also, if you would rather use Android Auto or CarPlay, what you will need to do is go into Navigation Mode ("MAP" button) and in that bottom bar where it shows the audio source playing, move to the car icon (which should have a green/glowing set of arrows, not unlike the AVICSYNC logo) and click it so it will turn off. You may get an on-screen message that the "connected features will be disabled" or something. Then you'll be back in AA/CarPlay mode.
  4. The AVIC Development Mod

    I just want to confirm that this method worked for me. I am using an 8100NEX and I successfully managed to update my maps, 3D buildings, and POI to the latest HERE versions (2015 Q3) A later reply (I believe it is #378) also broke down which replies in the thread are most needed. Here is a recap based on my experience: 1. Download and extract the necessary flash/update script for your AVIC head unit (reply #138), and copy all necessary files to a USB flash drive (recommended 16GB or more, so that you can backup everything). Boot your head unit with the updated USB flash drive in USB1. Select USB1 as your source and the system will reboot. As described above, from the menu that appears, you should select "Write Program Forcedly" and COPY SCRIPT. (do not use COPY DEVICE for any reason). This step is necessary to patch your maps so that they will accept any license. 2. Acquire the necessary update files from GPSPower (#207). Suggested that once you have all the Map, 3D, and POI files, that you organize them accordingly in folders on your USB drive. Here are the places where files go by their extension. FTR> Truck Info > /Content/MAP FPA> Point addressing > /Content/MAP FDA> Driver Alerts > /Content/MAP FBL> Actual Maps > /Content/MAP HNR> Defined Routes > /Content/MAP 3DC> 3D Buildings > /Content/Building 3DL> 3D Landmarks > /Content/Building PHR or PH> Reporting street names > /Content/Phoneme DEM> Landscape > /Content/DEM POI> Points of Interest > /Content/POI FJV> Junction view > /Content/MAP KML> Custom Points of Interest > /Content/Userdata/POI SPE&SPC> Speed camera files > Content\Speedcam SKIN>SKINS >Content\skin UX ADDONs> iGO\ux or SDcard\iGO\ux Speedcam.txt> Speed camera files > Content/Speedcam SpeedcamUpdates.spud> Speed camera files > Content/Speedcam FSP (File .Speed.Profiles).Content\MAP. KML - (Custom ITINERARY) iGO/content/userdata/route SPC - Speed Camera files - content/speedcam For example, on my flash drive, there is a folder called "updates". In that folder there are two folders: content and license. The "license" folder has the necessary ".lyc" files to use with the new maps. In the "content" folder there are three folders: "map", "poi", and "building", in which I placed appropriate map, building, and POI files from the new map set. 3 (optional). Using the file manager feature of the "Test Mode" that launches with your newly-formatted USB flash drive, I copied the "content" and "license" folders from Linux Root\extdata\iGO to a folder on my USB drive called "backup". I then made sure to check the content that was on the flash drive before doing anything further. If you feel you are missing files, go into the folder, use the "All" function, "copy", and paste them by navigating back to your desired directory in File Manager, and using the "paste" function just to make sure. 4. Using the File Manager, I went into the folders I needed to update map files (iGO/content/MAP, iGO/content/building, iGO/content/POI) and deleted all files. I did not delete license files, only copied and pasted the new ones I had acquired for the new maps into the iGO/license folder. 5. Using the File Manager, I copied the updates/content/MAP, updates/content/building, and updates/content/POI using the "All" > "Copy" functions, folder by folder (I did MAP last as it had the most/largest files) to the corresponding folders on extdata/iGO on Linux Root. 6. I turned off the car/unit, restarted the system and verified by going into the MAP function of the head unit that the new maps were copied and everything was working. Good thing that I saw this -- updating AVIC maps are not nearly as easy as updating Garmin systems on a Kenwood but I'm glad that this was even possible.
  5. 2015 Q3 Maps Available

    Ah, how I miss those New York shields...
  6. No Carplay/Appradio mode NEX 8100

    Regarding CarPlay: All you should need is a Lightning Cable and a compatible iPhone. You have to go into Smartphone Settings (touch the "Gear" icon from the main menu to find it). Select USB1 and CarPlay as your connection type. Then simply connect your iPhone to USB1 (it has to be USB1) and enjoy CarPlay. As for AppRadio, as others have mentioned, you will need to have the Lightning/AV cable and use HDMI. CarPlay is a much superior option if you are an iPhone user.
  7. Should I update my 8100NEX with firmware v1.05?

    I updated it, and I've seen some strange behavior with regards to Android Auto. Android Auto itself runs as expected (though I'm not too fond of some of the app updates). However if I play music through Android Auto (for example, through Google Play Music), and then go back to the main menu to select another USB source (for example, an iPod), USB1 will remain at "Ready" until I unplug the phone from USB2, and then it will start playing. I can then get back into Android Auto by replugging the phone into USB2. I don't think that's good. I wonder if I can go back to 1.03.
  8. 8000NEX/Galaxy S6 edge connectivity

    Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900V, Verizon Wireless).
  9. 8000NEX/Galaxy S6 edge connectivity

    Confirmed that sideloading HTC Car + Automate is a way to get an Android Auto-like interface to your car on a 4000/8000NEX. It works on my 8100NEX. However, this doesn't output any audio. Is there a specific version of HTC Car I should be using? Note: WAZE also works through HTC Car if you use it there.
  10. 8100 owners - any iPod playback issues?

    Though this thread is about the 4100, the issue is being discussed here: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81529-avh-4100nex-wipod-via-usb-staticaudio-issues/ I have the issue, occasionally.
  11. AVH-4100NEX w/iPod via USB static/audio issues.

    This makes no sense. I occasionally have the same issue on my 8100NEX. Sometimes unplugging and restarting the iPod helps. I refuse to believe this to be an issue with the 30pin adapter for iPod; tons of OEM and aftermarket iPod-ready head units that input via USB do not have these issues, some of which actually made by Pioneer.
  12. Which New Android Phones are Compatible with AppRadio

    The Note 4 is compatible with APPRADIO. If you are considering the 2015 NEX models 4100, 7100, and 8100, you will also have access to Android Auto. All you need for APPRADIO is MHL support. Which means the Galaxy S6 may not be a good choice. I think the G4 is also compatible.
  13. Android Auto Not Working (2nd Gen Moto X & 8100NEX)

    The Verizon S5 issue has been corrected recently. I have been using AA since around May 31 with no issues.
  14. Where is the serial number on the 8000NEX?

    Please let us know how this goes.
  15. 8100NEX front buttons not working properly

    They recommended sending it in for service. But with a 3 week turnaround time, plus no guarantee that warranty would be honored, I'm half wondering if I should just seek a replacement from Amazon.