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  1. AvicSync news

    Out of nowhere it decided to work for me, not a clue what I did, maybe resetting the radio is all I needed to do. Haven't really tested it out though, especially since seeing that Pioneer put a price on their services (again) put a sour taste in my mouth
  2. AvicSync news

    Got it for my S6 edge today. Updated the firmware on my 8000NEX and also updated the bluetooth firmware. Re-paired my phone to the radio, changed the smartphone settings inside of Input/Output settings to "Others" and connection type "Wireless via BT". AVICSYNC just won't talk to the phone. I go to associate the phone, and it just brings me to the instruction screen for either associating via USB or Bluetooth. I fired the app up on my phone while paired/linked via bluetooth, and it just won't associate. What am I doing wrong here?
  3. ND-BC8 Mirror image

    Currently using one of these cameras as a front-facing for avoiding smacking parking blocks. However, the image is mirrored. Any way to un-mirror the image by any chance? Hooked up to an AVIC-8000NEX
  4. 8000NEX/Galaxy S6 edge connectivity

    You do need root, but hey, rooting your phone allows for awesome ROMs as well! Lol Definitely try this first, if you can as you'll save money. However, if it's anything like the s6 edge's behavior, you may find yourself running for the hills
  5. The AVIC Development Mod

    I really want to start tinkering with this kind of stuff, especially if it means custom roms. However, I feel like some of this stuff isn't fully explained for some of us who may not already have a strong grasp on the structure of these radios. No bashing, obviously great work is being done. I just feel like maybe some DIY guides and some more thorough explaining, especially in the FAQ section, may aid more users in really learning about what's going on here. Currently, while there is a plethora of information, I feel like it's more geared towards the users on here that already have a big understanding on what's going on behind the scenes. No hate please, just a guy trying to learn and looking for a good first stepping stone
  6. 8000NEX/Galaxy S6 edge connectivity

    Yeah, I know, I learned that back with my S5. The touch input is still glitchy at best. I'll try and scroll to the left to go through my apps, and the scroll will almost kick back and go in the opposite direction once I lift my finger. You need to adjust your HDMI input settings on your radio. Theres a section where you can adjust screen boundaries, I forget where that setting is exactly, gotta dig through the settings menu but it is there. That may also aid your in-screen control problem. Either that, or you're not properly setup via ARUnchained and are just displaying over your HDMI input setting on the radio rather than app mode
  7. 8000NEX/Galaxy S6 edge connectivity

    I'm not sure if the note 4 supports MHL, but i think it does, you may just need an extra adapter, some extra info inside here. In this case, rooting your phone and running ARUnchained may render you some good results. That was the go-to solution with the S5, but it was rather buggy for me, not sure if it was because my phone was screwed up or if my radio was screwed up. It would function great for 5 minutes, then the display and audio would slowly start to distort to the point of inoperability.
  8. 8000NEX/Galaxy S6 edge connectivity

    Tested this out. Works okay, the touch interface is quite buggy/not smooth though, especially with Car mode. Will wait to see if the developer keeps releasing updates, unless it's just a Mirrorlink issue that needs working out. Didn't get a chance to fully demo the Glympse method, but will try that soon, especially since now I have the USB cable routed to the back of the radio.
  9. 8000NEX/Galaxy S6 edge connectivity

    I'll be heading outside later tonight in a few hours to run a USB cable to the USB2 port to further test. Thought I might be able to get away with using the cable I already had ran to port 1, but I guess the pioneer is really picky about what platform uses what port.
  10. 8000NEX/Galaxy S6 edge connectivity

    Will give this a shot asap, much appreciated for the tips!
  11. valentine one compatibility

    Info on said dongle?
  12. AvicSync news

    And i'm crying. Time to upgrade to the 8100nex since i'm sure pioneer will drop support for the 8000 soon anyway
  13. AvicSync news

    You there, is that the 8000nex or the 8100nex you got? Google search shows that's euro's version of the 8000nex, which is what I've got, along with the S6 edge. How'd you get android auto running? I've been trying for hours, updated to latest available firmwares and all. Got another thread in the NEX section if you don't want to clutter this one
  14. subwoofers dont hit hard hooked up to the radio

    Check your gain settings on the subwoofer's amplifier, as well as make sure both RCA's are connected properly to the amplifier. Got an 8000nex hooked to one 500w 10" sub and it beats quite nicely. Post up the rest of your gear and maybe some of your settings
  15. 8000NEX/Galaxy S6 edge connectivity

    Upon further research, I can confirm that the GS6 has no MHL or HDMI output functionality. Kind of a step backwards that I was unaware of in terms of selecting my new phone, but I'm locked into that now and can't change that. Mirrorlink is supported however, according to Samsung. I was really hoping to try and get Android Auto running smoothly, as it looks like a very nice, integrated system, plus I would LOVE being able to use google maps over the stock navigation (stock navi is good, but no live traffic updates). I'm very curious about gaining android auto functionality on my 8000nex, if possible. As I mentioned before, I did see mention of a firmware update bringing that to the 8000nex, but I'm not sure if the firmware mentioned was the 1.10 update from pioneer, or if I'm supposed to try and flash the 8000 with the 8100's firmware (also saw a mention of something similar to this, i believe someone was referencing a 4000 and 4100 firmware). Again, if anyone has any experience, please chime in. I'm sure swapping firmwares for a separate radio is not the best idea, but I could be wrong as I haven't attempted such a feat since it seems like a bad idea in theory.