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  1. 1.05 pulled for NEX4100 updated to 1.053

    Do everyone's settings still show version 1.05 instead of 1.053, even though they used the firmware for 1.053?
  2. NEX Mic and Apple Carplay

    Right. I use it on my phone. I just didn't think it would work through the NEX unit. But it seems like it works through the NEX mic but not through the iPhone mic when connected.
  3. NEX Mic and Apple Carplay

    So I hate to be the ignorant one here, but how does the "Hey Siri" function work with the NEX (I have a 4100) and Carplay? Does it only work when you have access to the NEX mic and not the phone mic?
  4. 4100NEX and SIRI

    Is this a persistent problem? Do you also notice that the tone for Siri becomes staticky? I thought this might have been a lightning cable issue, but I just restarted the unit and it worked again.
  5. Nex4100 iPhone 6 plus no Siri no call audio Jeep

    Exactly. I actually went back to iOS 8.4 just so Siri on CarPlay would work. If you are using the public release of iOS 9, CarPlay/Siri capability is broken.
  6. Carplay is going to show you all of the apps that work with it that are installed on your phone. The one way to delete them from your Carplay screen is to delete them from your phone.
  7. NEX 4100 Movie Bypass

    My understanding is that this software solution DOES NOT work on AVH units. I have an AVH unit and it didn't work. I bought the bypass and it works perfectly.
  8. AVN 4100NEX Microphone Issues

    For what it's worth, I just found out that the way I routed the mic last time, the mic cable became frayed. The new microphone works perfectly. So, crisis averted.
  9. AVN 4100NEX Microphone Issues

    Last I checked, it's not working for both Siri and the Pioneer features. I know Carplay shuts down the Bluetooth connection for the device. I think I just stopped connecting it all along to try with Siri. And I checked the back of the unit; it's still plugged in. Thanks for the help.
  10. AVN 4100NEX Microphone Issues

    Hello everyone. Just had a 4100NEX installed. All was working well with the microphone. Only 2 days later, the microphone doesn't work. I'm not sure, but it seems to have happened when I updated my phone to iOS 8.4. But that wouldn't explain why the microphone doesn't work with the bluetooth Pioneer features, right? Do these microphones go out so easily? Or is there maybe a setting or something that controls the microphone? In my Jetta, the route for tucking the mic cable is hellacious and I'd hate to do it again. Thank you all for your help.