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  1. Remove OK screen for x000(5000-8000NEX/F960BT/F60DAB)

    Obviously my head is screwed on backwards eh? Thought it was on the list.
  2. Remove OK screen for x000(5000-8000NEX/F960BT/F60DAB)

    Trying to do this to my 8100, get to the spot below where is writes the script, but it never reboots the unit. To move out of this, I have to hit enter (home) which resets the whole thing and the "ok" screen is back. How long should it take for this to reboot itself?
  3. NEX Mic and Apple Carplay

    Try sticking your phone somewhere that the phones microphone can't pick you and see if she still responds. I've got Iphone with latest os also.
  4. NEX Mic and Apple Carplay

    It seems that when you are in Apple Car-play that the AVIC mic is not enabled to give Siri a vocal command (Hey Siri, then the command call so and so) . To prove this, I put my car-play connected phone in a location (while plugged into the usb) where the phone could not pick up my voice command and spoke directly into the AVIC-8100 mic. Nothing happened. I then took the phone out of the glove box, sat it in the seat next to me, covered up the AVIC Mic and tried the same voice command. This time Siri picked up on it. Has anyone else noticed this? Seems strange that Apple or Pioneer would have overlooked this as part of the Apple Car-play.
  5. Subaru Splash Screen - X930BT

    Thank you. Very Nice and tasteful! Some of the splash screens people come up with can be a little bit much. Using on my 2015 Subaru Legacy.
  6. AVICSYNC Stauts

    I emailed Pioneer Support asking them about the status of AVICSYNC and if they had abandoned the feature. Below is their response. Thank you for contacting Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.The AvicSync app feature has not been abandoned, we simply wanted to makesure that the current NEX units had the option for the feature by the timeit is released which at this moment looks more like around the end of thecalendar year. Registered users should be the first to receive notificationon the features release as soon as any updates or information becomesavailable.DaveProduct Support Representative Well, at least they gave some kind of answer.
  7. Traffic info map display on 8100 (and other NEX)?

    Yea, I was wondering the same thing.
  8. New to AVIC 8100NEX, some questions

    You should update the firmware (latest is version A23, then double check the instructions on the Axxess web site. Each car has their own little quirks when it comes to programming. Also, not all hook up with the same wires even though they might be from the same car manufacture. If all else fails, call Axxess. They have a great support team.