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  1. Not had the speed wire hooked up since Day 1 on my 5000 and can't say that I've ever missed it. Speed is consistent(ish) with speedo and all is well. I'd love to figure out how to get rid of the speed thing on my 5000; it's silly and I never use it.
  2. Seems like we've had a lot of these...this is what I had to do. Might be the same thing as yours: http://tinyurl.com/z3y7uze
  3. A user here called asd255 has the solution, search for his name and PM him.
  4. iGo loading screen? Sounds like the internal SD card crapped out. Pioneer took $150 of my wallet stuffers to fix my problem after the device had been working perfectly for 4 years. Oh well.
  5. OK well the answer seems to be "yes, but...". Having to switch in the Settings menu from USB to Lightning (or whatever) is not a huge deal. I can do that in 5 secs. The bigger question was: can both devices work independently of each other using the 5000 as their "interface"? I think you're saying the answer is yes.....right?
  6. How do you add that as a fave? I have a 5000...thanks.
  7. I have a personal iPhone and a work Droid Z. I'd like to be able to use both phones interchangeably connected to the 5000 as needed. Example: drive to work- use iPhone. At work (or doing work stuff in car)- use Droid. Home again: use iPhone. Etc.... I have a hard wired lighting cable only at the moment for my iPhone (USB1). I'd replace it with a standard USB cable connected to a little USB dongle that fits into my spare cigarette lighter port on my dash (someone posted it here before). From there I'd have one of those short Belkin Lighting/Micro USB cables (this: http://www.belkin.com/us/p
  8. Not me. Sent my 3 yr old 5000 back to Pioneer earlier this year for replacement of the internal SD card. Apart from the fact it took about a month to get the device back and the fact that their communication sucks, no problems after the fact, Unit is working fine, I'd email them (try calling but good luck, I remember it took ages for them to pick up) and get them to honor the warranties by fixing the devices as they should have done the 1st time.
  9. Again?? OK I'll repeat what I said at least 3x before: unless you are REALLY TECHNICALLY PROFICIENT this is something you should not be doing by yourself. This re-imaging/backup/whatever can be v complicated and full of technical pitfalls and if you screw it up then you will most likely brick your unit. If you really feel like giving this a shot and it doesn't work OR something bad happens, you could be SOL. There are only a few people here who know how to do what you want and most likely they have/had a "testing" unit that they used so if it bricked, they had the means/knowledge to get that u
  10. Read my post at the top of this page....
  11. The companies listed in that drop down selection are only local repair shops, not Pioneer themselves. They will charge you for their service AS WELL AS Pioneer's charge. For example: I brought my unit to a local shop here in Dallas and they said they would charge me $125 over & above whatever Pioneer charged (my unit was out of warranty). Another store only would charge $100...and so on. If your unit is still under warranty, then you should bring it back to the store where you bought it and get them to handle the repair. If no warranty, go direct to Pioneer factory repair here: http://
  12. anagpal: you asked the same question in my post. The internal SD card is not a normal SD card that you can swap out. It's a hardware "hard drive" with all the iGo map data on it. It has to be serviced by a Pioneer tech or someone v familiar with the unit. They are the only ones who can fix this issue.
  13. The solution is to send it back to Pioneer to get fixed. Read my posts above
  14. But for the majority of people here who might not be so tech oriented and/or afraid to mess with stuff that will brick their device, asd255 is selling a cheap tool that will do what the poster wants without hassle and/or trouble.
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